Updated: Sunday, 5th April 2020 @ 7:32am

Man-chest-er: City sees increase in boob jobs ‘due to The Only Way is Essex’

Man-chest-er: City sees increase in boob jobs ‘due to The Only Way is Essex’

By Mancunian Matters staff

Reality television shows are prompting a surge in cosmetic surgery enquiries, according to one of Manchester’s leading clinics.

With the new series of ‘The Only Way is Essex’ starting last week, the Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group has received an increase in enquiries and claims that young girls show photographs of the cast to consultants in a bid to look like their idols.

The popular programme, described by producers as a ‘structured reality show’, follows the lives and loves of young Essex socialites striving for fame and beauty, and since it first-aired in October 2010, plastic surgery has become an obsession as people look to improve their image.

A number of cast members openly discuss their surgery including breast enlargement, both in the press and on the programme.

Transform has confirmed a 31% increase in boob job enquiries in Essex, and Shami Thomas, a spokesperson for the group, said that every time the show airs, they have a marked increase in young girls requesting consultations in Manchester.

She said: “No reputable surgeon can say that they can make you look like the girls on the show. You have to work with what you’ve got.”

Mancunian Matters took to the streets to find out what the girls of Manchester thought about plastic surgery increases being linked to the show.

Danielle Burkey, a 23 year old student, said she would consider having cosmetic surgery.

“I’d have lip-fillers,” she said. “But not because I want to look like the girls on the show.”

And some people feel that the show could actually have the opposite effect and turn them against surgery.

Jennifer Dunlop, 22, said: “The girls on the show put me off plastic surgery.”

Renee Anderson, 16, added: “They all look fake.”

At the time of publication, ITV and series producer Lime Productions were unavailable for comment.