Updated: Thursday, 6th August 2020 @ 6:47am

Manchester psychic medium predicts Trafford Centre doom

Manchester psychic medium predicts Trafford Centre doom

By Mancunian Matters staff

A Manchester psychic’s visions of a Trafford Centre earthquake are set to explode onto a new online ‘prediction page.’

Clairvoyant, Amber Ja Lee, will share her foresights in a new section of her website, which will go live in the next few months.

In one of her latest visions, Amber saw The Trafford Centre, Manchester’s largest shopping complex, hit by underground tremors.

“I won’t go to The Trafford Centre because it doesn’t seem right to me,” she said.

“I went in once and I was looking around and could see cracks appearing.”

Amber, who claims she has had her spiritual talent since birth, has a reputable history in correctly forecasting future happenings.

Just two weeks before the August riots, Amber warned her family and friends to stay clear of the city centre.

“I said to people ‘There’s riots coming, I don’t want to go anywhere near the shops,” she said.

“When it happened, my son said to me ‘You’re freaky mum.’”

Hayley Stevens, a sceptic, established the ‘Project Barnum’ campaign to warn people against taking predications like Amber’s too seriously.

Miss Stevens said: “I would suggest that if such a thing were to happen, then the fact that Amber dreamt about something similar was a coincidence and nothing more.”

To test public levels of scepticism, we asked people in Manchester City Centre what they thought of Amber’s website and of psychics in general.

Faye Ratcliffe, 24, from Rochdale, said she does not normally believe in psychic ability, but would visit Amber’s site after hearing about her Trafford Centre prediction.

Madeline Cooke, 68, retired, from Bristol said: “I believe some are genuine and some aren’t. I have met a very genuine one, but I think most of those that do the big shows are false.”

Greater Manchester Police said they could do nothing to censor Amber’s predictions, but a spokesman said: “Obviously we would take a dim view if it caused unnecessary panic to people going to do their shopping.”

To find out more about Amber’s visions visit www.spiritualwaters.co.uk