Updated: Sunday, 9th August 2020 @ 8:23am

Can I see Manchester Arena from my room? Travelodge's most bizarre customer calls

Can I see Manchester Arena from my room? Travelodge's most bizarre customer calls

| By Alex Peace – MM exclusive

A guest who asked whether he could see the stage from the Manchester Central Arena Travelodge hotel is just one of many bizarre requests staff have received in the city’s hotels over the past year.

Travelodge have released their annual audit of the strangest requests their staff receive and one customer was clearly hoping to get a free show included with their room when they asked if they could see the stage out the window.

Other weird demands include a guest at the Manchester Central branch asking whether their cat being bald affects the hotel’s pet policy and whether staff knew what the best method for sleeping is – on their left side or keeping their eyes open for as long as possible.

Travelodge workers are often also asked to go that extra mile with people asking to borrow socks, borrow an iPhone to make them look more professional in a meeting and even asking for help proofreading a 200 word report prior to a meeting.

One customer told staff at the Manchester Central Arena hotel they and their boss had just won a big contract and wanted staff to put up a pop-up stand with their company logo in their bosses room… All because it would give him ‘a big laugh’.

Travelodge spokeswoman Shakila Ahmed told MM this is just all part of the service Travelodge provide.

She said: “Our annual bizarre requests audit of 513 hotels reveals over 200,000 unusual requests by our business and leisure customers, with some of the more unusual ones coming from our eleven hotels in Manchester.

“Our hotel teams will always try their best to accommodate customer requests but there are just some requests that we just can’t help with, such as changing the weather or counting the stars in the sky.”

Staff’s geography has also been called in to question during the last year with one customer asking whether Manchester was bigger than Luton. They have also been called to take part in the big North/South debate when one customer asked if now they were in Manchester they were in the North.  

See below some more of the bizarre requests Traveldoge hotel workers across Greater Manchester have had to contend with.

Travelodge Hotel

Bizarre Request/Question

Manchester Central Arena

Can I see the Arena stage from the hotel?

Manchester Central Arena

We have just won a big contract, could put up a pop-up stand with their company logo in my bosses room? It will give him a big laugh.

Manchester Central

Can I borrow your socks? I’ve not brought any and am on my feet all day today.

Manchester Central

Am I up North now I’m in Manchester?

Manchester Central

My cat is bald – is this still covered under your pet policy?

Manchester Central

Could proofread this 200 page report ahead of a meeting I have this afternoon?

Manchester Salford Quays

Can I borrow an iPhone off someone? I need it look a bit more savvy and professional.

Manchester Salford Quays

Do you know which is the biggest city? Manchester or Luton?

Manchester Didsbury

What’s the best method for sleeping? Being on your left side or keeping your eyes open for as long as possible?


Image courtesy of Karen Bryan, with thanks.