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My Big Fat Racist Wedding Night: Bride pleads guilty to assault on Hilton doorman

My Big Fat Racist Wedding Night: Bride pleads guilty to assault on Hilton doorman

| By Glen Keogh

A bride and groom who spent their wedding night in police cells after a racially fuelled bust up with staff at Manchester’s Hilton Hotel confessed to their marital evening of shame today.

Mother of four Kirsty Bigland, 30, who was still in her white wedding dress, was said to have shouted ‘fucking monkeys and Paki bastard’ when a card payment was refused as she and her husband Nick, 25, tried to check into their room.

Staff ushered the newlyweds out of the four star Hilton on Deansgate due to their foul mouthed behaviour but Kirsty allegedly began running at security staff swearing and spitting.

During attempts to restrain her, she shouted ‘get off me you black Paki bastard’, then attempted to punch one member of staff and spat on his shirt and jacket before yelled  'fuck you Paki bastard you should not be in this country', it was alleged.

Nick stood in the way of a barrier so cars could not leave and eventually had to be pinned down by security staff after he shouted: "come on you knob heads I will knock you out."

Police arrived at the £300 a night hotel – a favourite of Premiership footballers and rock stars – and carted away both bride and groom to a nearby police station where they spent the night in neighbouring cells. They were later charged with public order offences.

At Manchester magistrates court Kirsty from Walkden, Salford, who initially denied wrongdoing, was due to appear for a day two day trial but she changed her plea to guilty to racially aggravated assault upon a hotel doorman Mustapha Muhssen.

Nick pleaded guilty to disorderly behaviour at an earlier hearing. Both will be sentenced on December 9 but a judge said he would consider suspending any jail term imposed on Kirsty.

The newlyweds held hands in court as Nick was told off for chewing gum in the court and ordered to take his hands out of his pockets.

At an earlier hearing the court heard how the incident occurred on May 31 after the couple married and had their a reception in the city centre.

After the function they were due to book into the Hilton at 11pm for their wedding night as customers were queuing outside a lift to go to the trendy Cloud 23 bar on the 23rd floor of hotel building.

But began when the couple tried to use a friend's credit card and it was denied. prosecutor Miss Ruth Mann told the earlier hearing. Prosecutor Miss Ruth Mann told the earlier hearing: "A member of reception staff was dealing with the couple. At first he could not locate the booking and when he did find it the credit card was then denied. Payment was required before the room could be allocated.

''The receptionist then heard Nicholas refer to another member of staff as a ‘fucking idiot.’ The defendant was using his mobile phone at the time and swearing to who he was talking to.”

“Kirsty was heard saying ‘fucking monkeys’ then ‘fucking Pakis.’ He took this remark as a reference to the ethnicity of himself and colleagues and the couple were not allowed to remain in the hotel due to their behaviour. Security staff arrived so the hotel receptionists could deal with other guests. But one heard Kirsty using the term ‘Paki Bastards’ toward the staff and they were moved to the forecourt.

“Nicholas was heard to say ‘come on you knob heads, I will knock you out’. He was obstructing a barrier for cars to leave and had to be removed from it.''

Miss Mann said: ''Kirsty ran at the staff swearing and spitting at them. Nicholas then made comments that he would assault them if they touched his wife. He was pinned down and stopped from hitting anyone. Kirsty ran towards the staff. They stopped her and she said ‘get off me your Paki bastard.’ She attempted to punch him and spat on his shirt and jacket.

“A witness heard the defendant say ‘fuck you Paki bastard you should not be in this country.’ The defendant clearly most responsible here is Kirsty Bigland.”

During the hearing the couple appealed for their address to be kept a secret but their pleas were rejected. Kirsty’s lawyer John Wolfson said his client was only pleading guilty on a particular basis. He said: ‘’She would admit she was aggressive and said ‘fuck you, you Paki bastard, you shouldn’t be in this country’.

''The complainant then swayed back as he thought she was going to spit at him. She did then spit on his forehead and the right of his face. A little later she punched his right chest. She grabbed him, she was still kicking out, and kicked him once, he tried to stop her. She was not drunk, she had drunk only a little. She was angry.”

Bailing Kirsty and Nick on condition they not go near the hotel, District Judge Mark Hadfield said: “A guilty plea albeit at a late stage subject to anything in the report which is unexpected would enable the court to consider suspending any sentence if I conclude that the custody threshold has been crossed.''

Story via Cavendish Press.

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