Updated: Friday, 29th May 2020 @ 6:20am

Preview: Roots Manuva @ HMV Ritz – January 27

Preview: Roots Manuva @ HMV Ritz – January 27

By Dean Wilkins

Rodney Smith, aka Roots Manuva, has been travelling our world since 1994, delivering an ever malleable British hip-hop, reggae ‘roots’ sound and occasionally settling down to record an album.

Towards the end of January, Roots Manuva will land in Manchester and set free his highly anticipated fifth studio album, 4everevolution.

Since moving to Sheffield and teaming up with midland based record producer Toddla T, the veteran rapper appears to have hit the richest creative vein of his career.

4everevolution has evolved into an outstanding long-player album, coming in just short of an hour, and has escaped the darker undertones that personalised album number four.

Number five is a combination of well groomed Jamaican-British humour and an interestingly unsullied backdrop that uses ‘real’ instruments, played by his Banana Klan, to provide an excitingly energetic vibe.

The electronic bassline Smith is famed for continues, yet the artist integrates his musical eclecticism as he adventures into trend-breaking styles that are unheard of in current British hip-hop.

Roots Manuva brings his talents to the city and will have Manchester vibing, jibing and no doubt scribing long after as The Ritz plays host. It’s 2012, the end of the Mayan Calendar. Some say the end full stop. What’s not ending is the continuation of artists, whether they are city veterans or virgins, insisting on plying their trade in this town.

And with acts like Roots Manuva, who can complain?