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Frankly, my dear, I don’t want a ham: Manchester told 'go vegan' for Valentine’s

Frankly, my dear, I don’t want a ham: Manchester told 'go vegan' for Valentine’s

| By Rachel Howarth

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, Manchester’s vegans are calling for couples to share a bit of love with animals too.

Animal rights activists PETA offered six different ways for loved up Mancunians to go Vegan for Valentine’s Day.

PETA’s suggestions include kindling the flames of passion with beeswax-free candles and slipping into something ‘cruelty-free’ to get you in the mood… they claim silkworms are boiled alive to obtain their silk. Sexy…

You could also watch your bedding, many of which have pillows made from ‘tortured geese’, and even giving a PETA gift (our favourite is the lettuce bra).

And now Vegans across Manchester are joining the call to encourage you to have passion with compassion.

Keir Nathan Thomas, who co-runs the Manchester Vegetarian and Vegan Group, told MM: “Manchester is the home of the modern vegetarian movement, so it’s not surprising that most of our veggie restaurants have special Valentine’s events.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if some people make Valentine’s Day the day they start their vegan adventure and extend the love to every animal, not just humans.

 “I reckon that on a day that’s all about love and compassion, people might want to throw a little of that into thinking about what they eat.”

Andrea Wren, co-founder of Vegan Manchester- a social group for the vegan friendly, gave MM her hottest tips for the perfect animal-friendly rendezvous- and she has something for everyone.

“For a romantic dinner date in Manchester, vegans could book in at Bistro 1847, a vegetarian restaurant with plenty of vegan options,” she said.

“If you’re feeling a quirky afternoon of romance, you could go and catch a film at the Cornerhouse cinema before wandering up to the Northern Quarter for a fabulous vegan burger or hotdog at V Revolution on Oldham Street- Manchester’s 100% vegan space.”

“For vegans on a budget or those who prefer something more low-key, it’s worth taking the train from Piccadilly to Glossop and having a romantic stroll in Manor Park, then heading to The Globe pub for vegan pub grub. There’s a 100% vegan pub menu and it’s cheap as vegan chips, with meals around £3.80.”

A PETA promotional video to coincidence with the releae of 50 Shades of Grey (warning: explicit and disturbing content).

Andrea, who has just begun a PhD exploring veganism in the media, believes that Manchester is the place to be for emerging vegans, or those thinking about veganism.

“For those in Manchester thinking of becoming vegan, now is definitely the time,” she said.

“Obviously there are the reasons that you are doing it- for the animals, but Manchester is a very cool city to be vegan in and there is a growing and positive vegan community.”

“Vegan Manchester provides an extremely vibrant social scene for vegans, with events and socials throughout the month.

“So if you’re vegan curious, just come along and make some new friends. We have many non-vegans turn up as well.”

You can learn more about Vegan Manchester through their website, or by taking a look via Facebook.

For more Vegan Valentine’s day inspiration, here’s a list of 100% meat-free eateries in and around Manchester. 

Image courtesy of Lingjing Bao, with thanks.