Updated: Friday, 5th June 2020 @ 4:07pm

Grimm Up North serve up horror double-bill for Manchester’s first Monster Convention

Grimm Up North serve up horror double-bill for Manchester’s first Monster Convention

By Karl Dyer

As Manchester’s first ever Monster Convention descends on the city, Grimm Up North are serving up a batch of horror across the weekend.

Starting with their usual double bill on Friday, supernatural fanatics can witness premieres of both Grave Encounters and Séance: The Summoning before their national releases later this year.

Grave Encounters, tracks a fictional ghost-hunting reality television crew who are shooting an episode inside an abandoned psychiatric hospital. A recipe for disaster no doubt.

Events turn nasty as the crew begin to discover the terrifying truth behind the hospital’s dark past. Guaranteed to leave you with the chills every time you go to a hospital afterwards!

From the producer of Hellraiser comes Sèance: The Summoning, a horror that follows the age old recipe of teenagers dabbling in the dark arts.

This time, four college kids video themselves holding a séance in their city’s morgue and subsequently summon a demon that unleashes a nightmare from which there is no escape.

For only £6.50, this double bill of new horror from across the pond is sure to set you up nicely for a weekend of monster-filled goodness at Sacha’s Hotel.

Among the talks, stalls and seminars on offer for the weekend price of £10, Grimm Up North will rustle up a bumper bash of screenings on Saturday evening.

A monster marathon including a screening of the remastered HD version of the H.G Wells classic Island Of Lost Souls, followed by Whisperer In Darkness and finally horror comedy Reel Zombies - a mock documentary about a film crew making a zombie movie during an actual zombie invasion!

With all of this on offer it seems Halloween is six months early this year for fans of beasts, ghouls and all things horror.

Tickets are available at grimmfest.com and hic-dragones.co.uk/#/convention-programme/4559931370

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