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Interview: Heckled to death – Ross Noble trades gags for blood and guts to put Grimmfest 2012 in Stitches

Interview: Heckled to death – Ross Noble trades gags for blood and guts to put Grimmfest 2012 in Stitches

By John Paul Shammas

Northern comedy favourite Ross Noble has traded gags for blood and gutstaking on the role of killer clown in horror flick Stitches.

The film aired during Grimmfest 2012's finale screening on Sunday, with the credits rolling to massive applause.

Noble plays Stitches, a clown who dies during a birthday party performance, and comes back from the dead years later to haunt the children responsible for the accident.

The accident that leads the Stitches’ death comes about as a result of children heckling him mid performance and the comedian, who before hitting the big-time as a stand-up comedian used to be a street performer, says he is used to being heckled.

“The worst heckle I’ve ever had, I was doing a gig in Letchworth, I said to this guy: ‘do you think there is a North/South divide?’ and this bloke – a proper geezer, said ‘no ‘course their ain’t mate, ‘course their ain’t’.

“I asked him why not and he replied ‘because you got through you northern c***.’

“I thought: ‘I’ll give you that’.”

Six-years on, as Stitches rises from the dead, the zombie-clown heads straight for the scene of the fateful accident, looking to take vengeance upon the now-teenagers.

But it wasn’t just the teenagers who were in for having their blood shed. A scene that went down particularly well in Manchester’s Dancehouse theatre was when Stitches rather theatrically murders the family cat.

The scene didn’t go down too well with the British Board of Film Classification however, earning an 18 while in the Republic of Ireland the film got away with a 15.

“I think it’s purely the cat thing,” Noble said.

“People really don’t like violence towards animals. I mean, you can stab a guy in the head with an umbrella, but people aren’t gonna like the cat thing.

“Speaking to people who have seen the film, they come up to me and say ‘oh I didn’t like that cat thing’ – I’m like REALLY? All the other s**t that happened?”

The film, and Grimmfest as a whole, was a crowd pleaser right through to the end. Ross Noble, who clearly had a blast making ‘Stitches’, has some advice for how the audience could get over the post-festival blues:

“Honestly, if you ever want to have a relaxing time, just spend a month killing teachers.”

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