Updated: Tuesday, 7th April 2020 @ 8:10am

The Andy Gray Column: Comparisons between Rooney and Gascoigne are wide of the mark

The Andy Gray Column: Comparisons between Rooney and Gascoigne are wide of the mark

Sharethematch.com ambassador Andy Gray  talks exclusively to Mancunian Matters….

I know what Sir Alex Ferguson was trying to get at with his comments about Wayne Rooney being compared to Paul Gascoigne, but I am going to have to disagree on this one.

If you are asking me if there is a comparison between Wayne and Paul’s personalities, then absolutely not.

I think that Gazza was single, he was a little off the wall, he was a huge personality that did strange things from time to time.

But Wayne is nothing like that. He is a married man with a family, and the two are totally different.

There is perhaps an argument to compare the two on the pitch because the things the two of them can, or could, do with a ball are quite similar.

But Wayne Rooney is not a Paul Gascoigne and Paul Gascoigne is not a Wayne Rooney – certainly not off the pitch.

On the pitch they are both fiery, can lose their temper a bit, they both have amazing skill and amazing talent which means they can create goals and score goals in large numbers.

But to compare Wayne with Paul off the pitch is wrong and does the Manchester United striker a disservice.

Now, if you were to compare Mario Balotelli with Paul Gascoigne I think you have more of a case – I would give you that.

There is a genuine comparison there between those two characters.

But you cannot compare Wayne Rooney to Gazza off the pitch, and I stress off the pitch.

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