Updated: Tuesday, 18th December 2018 @ 10:53am

The Andy Gray Column: Forget Mancini's mind games, Ferguson knows Premier League title race is back on

The Andy Gray Column: Forget Mancini's mind games, Ferguson knows Premier League title race is back on

Sharethematch.com ambassador Andy Gray was talking exclusively to Mancunian Matters…

Forget the mind games from Roberto Mancini he knows as well as Sir Alex Ferguson that the title race is well and truly back on.

Like many others I always thought Manchester United could slip up at City but after Mancini’s men lost at Arsenal and drew with Sunderland allowing United to open up an eight point lead I thought it was all over. 

But that’s exactly why we love the Premier League because Wigan have gone and turned over the champions throwing the title race wide open again.

It’s difficult to say why United came unstuck at Wigan but if some of the United players thought the title was already won, then the manager, in no uncertain terms would have put it right in the dressing room afterwards.

Because he knows, more than anybody, that titles aren’t won with eight-point leads at the end of April. If they think that then they’re ridiculous.

Neither City or United are going to get anything easily in their next games but you’ve got to think it will mean something when they clash on April 30 and City could certainly turn the heat up on their neighbours if they get the points at the Etihad.

Of course it depends, Manchester City have to go to Norwich at the weekend, you would imagine that’s going to be a tough, tough place to go. They’ve already been to White Hart Lane and won, and not many teams have done that. That’s not necessarily a game that City are going to win, I just think we’re going to be revising our belief of who’s going to win the title on a weekly basis.

It looked all gone, it looked all done and dusted last weekend, but by the middle of this week it now looks like it’s back in the melting pot. As long as City can emulate United’s results up until the Etihad, and they’re no more than five points behind, then they go into that game knowing that a win there would mean United only need to draw another game and City are right back in the box seat, because they will probably still have a better goal difference.

They don’t need to beat Norwich, but they need to emulate all of United’s results on the way in, and hope that after they play, and City will win that if they can, then United would need to drop a couple of points.

It’s been a very, very fine year in this league. The bottom teams now seem to be getting results that they never showed that they could get five weeks ago. Teams like QPR and Wigan in particular, are getting amazing results, amazing results, and I don’t think anyone expected it, and therefore it’s making the league that much more difficult to predict.

I would be very surprised if Fergie throws away an eight point lead with seven games to go, but they’ve gone a long way to doing that by losing at Wigan.

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