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The Apprentice: The final five with Ruth Badger

The Apprentice: The final five with Ruth Badger

By Steven Oldham

The Apprentice series two runner up Ruth Badger gives us her opinions on this year’s final five ahead of tonight’s penultimate episode.


“I think Susan speaks common sense and always grasps the idea of the task very quickly.  She’s got a good business brain, but otherwise she’s shocking! In the practical tasks if she notices things going wrong she won’t challenge the others, until she’s in the boardroom. 

I can’t abide weak people like her – she reminds me of one of those mouse puppets you play with as a kid because she’s so timid in the tasks.  She also plays on the fact she’s young and started a business at 17 too much– so what? I was in business at 15 but I didn’t make a big deal of that.”


“On a personal level, surprisingly to myself, I’ve warmed to him the most.  I don’t normally go for people like him who are mild-mannered – he wouldn’t be someone I’d immediately consider giving a job to in my business.  He’ll admit when he’s wrong and always comes up with ideas which I like.

With the format change this year, I think he should have applied last year.  If he was going into a position in Lord Alan Sugar’s business he would be my pick to win – he’s innovative, balanced and conscientious.  However, with the winner this year going into business with Lord Sugar I can’t see him being successful at that. 


“I know everyone’s been saying that she’s really good but I think she’s a red herring.  She’s what I’d call a piggybacker, riding on the good points of everyone else on her team each week.  She can’t sell and isn’t very commercially minded. 

Helen is good in a corporate environment and setting out plans but lacks skill in linking with people – for example last week’s task.  She’s a good manipulator – she stitched Melody up last week.  When I was on the show, if someone was clearly struggling with being project manager, we’d have a quiet word off screen – not wait until the cameras were rolling and put her in that situation.”


“I think he’s going to win.  He can get things done in any situation.  I like the fact that he oversells – like on the biscuit task where he promised the world, but you can’t argue with his justification toLord Sugar – “I’m just trying to get sales” even when he was telling Jim he didn’t like him overselling. 

He’s got loads of charisma and he’s the only one I’d feel confident about being in business with.


“Being completely honest, I’m shocked she’s still in.  It amazes me that she’s made the final five.  I’ve not seen anything from her.  She wouldn’t last five minutes with me.  Her communication is awful – “erm, uh, yeah” just doesn’t cut it with me I’m afraid.”


We also asked Ruth who of the axed contestants she would like to have seen more of this year.

“I liked Glenn.  I would have liked to see him go further – he spoke sense, was a do-er and had a nice way about him.  Also, purely for entertainment and definitely not for business, I wanted to see more of ‘Evil’ Edna – she was very odd but brilliant to watch.”

The semi-final of The Apprentice is on tonight at 9pm on BBC One, ahead of Sunday’s feature-length final, also at 9pm.  Dara O’Briain hosts a special ‘How To Get Hired’ episode on Friday night on BBC One at 10.35, sharing his theories on what makes a winner.

For more information on Ruth’s public speaking and consultancy business visit www.ruthbadger.com



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