Updated: Monday, 6th April 2020 @ 8:41am

The £10 Challenge: Enjoy pop-up cinema, try your hand at clean eating or sip a Cosmopolitan and live the high life

The £10 Challenge: Enjoy pop-up cinema, try your hand at clean eating or sip a Cosmopolitan and live the high life

By Kimberley Richards

With this week’s £10 challenge, why indulge in the ultimate lazy Sunday with a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry’s pop-up cinema to catch a classic, or eat clean in Manchester’s Northern Quarter?

Now that Manchester is well and truly in autumn’s grip, long gone is the spend-a-tenner-in-a-beer-garden option, so MM has looked into ways for you to have a good time, without leaving a dent in your bank balance.

Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry has taken a leaf out of Europe’s book, and brought the city a unique chance of seeing classic films such as The Railway Children, beneath the backdrop of an 1830’s railway warehouse, home of the first passenger railway in the world.

The films are being shown throughout all this weekend, but to avoid missing out (popular films sell out quickly) book a few days in advance.

The experience is £5, and the perfect way to spend a rainy Manchester afternoon.

Archive footage of Manchester is also on show and offers an insight into the city’s history, and for the artist in you, a chance to make a Locomotive from Origami.

Bookings and more information can be found on www.quaytickets.com

Now, with your remaining £5, head to the Northern Quarter and sample some of the wackiest and most wonderful food that Manchester has to offer.

For the health conscious lot there’s the Earth Café, selling only produce sourced locally.

There’s no meat on the menu, but the huge choice of meals means that even the carnivores will come away happy.

For more information about the Earth Café call 0161 834 1996 or visit www.earthcafe.co 

The focus is on clean living, and a meal will only set you back £4, leaving you enough for a bar of chocolate on the way home.

Not your scene? Hit the Grinch, a trendy but relaxed bar that offers cocktails well under budget, also serving appetisers and starters for under a fiver. 

For more information or to check out their menus, head to www.grinch.co.uk

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