Updated: Saturday, 11th July 2020 @ 7:39am

Eureka! Manchester student scoops £1,000 for innovative app – but most chuffed by selfie with Phill Jupitus

Eureka! Manchester student scoops £1,000 for innovative app – but most chuffed by selfie with Phill Jupitus

| By Kate Brady

One Manchester student had a 'stroke of genius' as he bagged top prize at an innovation awards evening for his new app.

Jack Green claimed top prize at the Eureka! Innovation Challenge as he beat six other finalists with his Book Delivery app.

The app, which will allow students easier and quicker access to library books, was published at the event which is a great opportunity for Manchester’s finest to showcase their innovations.

Jack told MM what the purpose of the app was and how it would help students at not only Manchester, but hopefully other universities across the UK in the coming years.

“The purpose of the app is to turn the library into a marketplace where students can order books to be delivered to lockers in different schools across the university,” he said.

The Exeter born student beat competition from more than 200 burgeoning business tycoons and was presented with the award by comedian Phill Jupitus at the Contact Theatre on Wednesday.

Despite winning the award, Jack confessed the best part of the afternoon was meeting the Never Mind the Buzzcocks’ star.

“Apart from winning, the best part of the afternoon was definitely taking selfies with Phill Jupitus.”

WELL DONE: Award winner Jack accepts cheque from comedian Phill Jupitus

The wheels will now be set in motion to turn Jack’s winning app into a reality and use it at Manchester University.

Innovation team leader and Head of Digital Technologies and Services at the university library, Lorraine Beard, said: “There were so many fantastic ideas that we began to wonder whether we’d be able to reduce the number to the final six.”

Grace Skelton, General Secretary of the University of Manchester also praised Jack for his idea and can’t wait for it to be made.

“Eureka! is such a fantastic opportunity for students to get involved in and I look forward to seeing Jack’s idea made a reality in the library,” she said.

The 20-year-old student, who is currently studying International Management and American Business, already has big plans for his £1,000 prize money.

“I’m going to be investing the money into my business – Notorious Kicks, which I started in January 2014. It’s an online business that sells rare footwear,” he said.

Speaking of the future, the young entrepreneur has plans to become a business entrepreneur but admits his first priority is his studies.

“My plans for the next few years are firstly to finish my degree and then get into the world of business.”

Picture courtesy of Manchester University, with thanks