Updated: Friday, 22nd May 2020 @ 2:15pm

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Twitter users get an insight into 999 calls

Tweet! Tweet! Tweet! Twitter users get an insight into 999 calls

By Jessica Haworth

Twitter users can now follow Greater Manchester Police, as they make the ground-breaking decision to post every emergency call on the website.

Since 5am today, GMP posted hundreds of tweets on the social networking site in a bid to show the public the diversity of their huge workload.

The tweets are written as the calls are made, meaning the feed is constantly updating up to 40 times a minute.

So far, most calls have related to road accidents or vehicle thefts, but reading through the feed there are many strange incidents which jump out.

Call 607- report of inappropriate behaviour on a bus in Stockport, call 332- report of someone smoking on incoming flight to Manchester Airport, and possibly the most surprising, call 17- complaint from elderly citizen that they are tweeting too fast.

Tweets are inputted manually to avoid security threats and it has become so popular with fellow tweeters, GMP had to create three different feeds.

But while some may find the idea a joke, and that the police are using the social site to seem modern and ‘down with the kids’, the idea of this is to show the public exactly what GMP deal with on a daily basis.

It is mostly informal and light-hearted, however tweets such as Call 288- report of rape, remind readers just what the emergency services are there for.

GMP also tweeted that since midnight last night, they have had 22 abandoned calls, and call 695- 999 called accidentally from mobile phone, to which the man apologised.

But through the prank calls and fake calls posted by fellow tweeters, it is obvious that the Twitter feed is a lot more than just a gimmick.

You can follow GMP on twitter.com by searching @gmpolice or visit www.gmp.police.uk.