Updated: Monday, 18th February 2019 @ 10:37am

Salford City Reds' chief executive stresses club's future is secure amid tax bill worries

Salford City Reds' chief executive stresses club's future is secure amid tax bill worries

By Jim Coldwell

Salford City Reds have assured supporters the club’s future is safe after it emerged they have a five-figure tax bill hanging over their heads.

The bill comes on the back of the clubs move from their 110-year old Willows ground to their 12,000 capacity Salford City Stadium in Barton.

According to reports, the rugby league outfit needs to find £50,000 but the club's chief executive Dave Tarry insisted the matter was being resolved.

“It’s being dealt with, we’ve just got to gather the funds and get it out,” he said.

“It’s a small issue, it’s not going to give you any major problems, and it will be dealt with.”

Over 5,000 spectators watched The Reds’ first game at their new home despite the wintery conditions but Tarry stressed the need to increase the average attendance to around 8,000 for the season in order to balance the books.

The club is in ongoing discussions with Premiership rugby union side Sale Sharks regarding a possible ground-share but there will be minimal financial benefit due to the club not owning the stadium.

Tarry admitted the costs and other aspects that come with moving to a new stadium have put a great strain on the club’s financial position but believes these kinds of issues are common in sport nowadays.

“A sport club having a small issue with the Inland Revenue is not exactly earth-shattering news,” he said.

"It's a storm in a teacup and I don't anticipate any further issues with it, we just get on with it and deal with it.

Salford City Reds’ next fixture is away at Widnes on Sunday February 19 where they will be looking to record their first points of this season’s Stobart Super League.