Updated: Wednesday, 22nd January 2020 @ 3:27pm

Man City season tickets cheap as chips... but pies are still FOUR quid

Man City season tickets cheap as chips... but pies are still FOUR quid

| By James Gray

Manchester City have the cheapest season ticket in the Premier League, according to the BBC’s Price of Football report released today.

The cheapest season ticket at the Etihad Stadium will set you back just £299, cheaper than at 15 Championship clubs, 10 clubs in League One, four in League Two, and even Halifax Town in the Conference.

A ‘day out’ in total at City costs the average fan a little more than £45, assuming you purchase a £4 pie, a total cost exceeded only by Chelsea (£57.50), while the priciest pie is a whopping £4.50 at midlands club Kidderminster Harriers.




Frank Lampard, on loan at Manchester City, is well aware how important the commitment to keeping ticket prices is.

“If there aren't fans in the stadiums creating those atmospheres, which we get the best in the world of in England, then you're not going to get that generation of TV money as well,” Lampard told the BBC.

“But from being at Chelsea recently and Manchester City now, two of the biggest clubs, they are making big strides.

“They are trying to freeze prices. They are trying to put layers in to encourage people from whatever background to be able to come.”

It is the second year running that the Blues have been top of the league having frozen their lowest season ticket prices; however the most expensive pass has gone up from £780 to £860.

Compare this to city neighbours Manchester United where the cheapest ticket is £532, while Arsenal, the Premier League’s worst offenders, charge at least £1,014.

Those purchasing match-day tickets to watch the champions now suffer after the lowest price for a ticket rose 85% in a year from £20 to £37.

The cheapest match-day in the Premier League is at St James’ Park, where a cheap ticket, a programme, a pie, and a cup of tea only costs £23.30.

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