Updated: Monday, 17th June 2019 @ 5:48pm

Manchester pub expected to reopen following bus crash

Manchester pub expected to reopen following bus crash

By Dean Wilkins

Manchester pub The Bull’s Head remains closed after a bus crashed into the corner of the building during Friday’s lunchtime traffic, but hopes to reopen later this week.

A Stagecoach double-decker passenger bus crashed into the pub, near Piccadilly train station, at approximately 11.50am on Friday morning. The driver, an Asian man in his 50s, suffered a reported stroke at the wheel and was trapped in the front carriage for 45 minutes whilst emergency crews revived him.

The man was taken to Manchester Royal Infirmary after paramedics managed to awaken him. The driver had ‘injured his back’ during the incident in which his coach struck stationary cars before colliding with the pub’s corner.

The pub has been closed since Friday afternoon and is expected to reopen later this week. Constructional surveyors are inspecting the damaged sustained to the historic building today.

Inside the Bulls Head after bus crash
BULLS HEAD DAMAGE: The damage was severe inside the historic pub 

A spokesperson for Stagecoach said: “The Hazardous Area Response Team were sent in case there was anyone in the building or it collapsed but after investigating the immediate surroundings they found nothing.”

Bus crash at Bulls Head
BUS CRASH: The Stagecoach was off service and no passengers were injured

There were no passengers on board the off-service bus.

Landlord Keith Wylenm said: "It just happened very, very quickly, you just heard the racing engine and then bang.

"We were due to have a party of thirteen in for 12 o’clock we had the food ready upstairs waiting."

"The bus was empty – you could hear the engine revving beforehand. The driver obviously was having health problems."

A barmaid from the pub said: "I just looked up and saw the bus swerving towards the pub."