Updated: Saturday, 22nd February 2020 @ 5:50am

Album review: Riva Starr returns with Batería Fantástica

Album review: Riva Starr returns with Batería Fantástica

By Jamie Metcalfe

Riva Starr is back with his eagerly anticipated new album Batería Fantástica.

The record, which will be released in April on his label Snatch! is one constant ‘fiesta’ that is sure to fill dance floors everywhere from Ibiza to Rio de Janeiro.

The entire album is dedicated to Riva Starr’s time in Miami where he came to know and love music from all over Latin America. The compilation is packed full of world-class producers like Carl Cox & Jon Rundell, Butch, Nouveau Yorican and many more.  

Each track is truly unique as the producers fuse their classic tech-house style with samba beats from countries like Cuba and Colombia. River Starr is clearly thrilled with the end product and said: "The guys delivered a whole range of tracks, from huge bangers to deep & dark to the more groovy, warmer vibe. This album will get your feet burning."

Stefano Miele A.K.A Riva Starr is quickly becoming one of the most talked about DJ’s in the world. Born in Southern Italy in Naples, Miele has developed an interest in obscure yet exciting musical cultures. His depth of knowledge became apparent on the 2010 track ‘I Was Drunk’ which was heavily influenced by the Balkan music scene. However Batería Fantástica is arguably his best release yet.

The compilation is vibrant, fresh and packed full of personality. The launch of Batería Fantástica begins in Miami at Mokai on April 23. Clearly Riva Starr had a sun-drenched beach in Miami in mind when he crafted this latest party anthem because this mix really does promise to be the sound of the summer.