Updated: Thursday, 21st June 2018 @ 8:15am

Salford 'superhero' Knight Warrior vows to run for MP after campaign for mayor fundraising flops

Salford 'superhero' Knight Warrior vows to run for MP after campaign for mayor fundraising flops

By Jess Wilson

Knight Warrior’s dreams of becoming Mayor of Salford are in tatters after he failed to raise the £500 he needed to enter the election.

His social media campaign, which ran for less than a week before the nomination deadline, only managed to raise £25.

Salford’s superhero told MM: “I think most people thought it was a scam and were a bit wary of donating online through PayPal.

“The £25 raised is going straight to Centre Point which is a homeless charity for young people."

The hooded hero says that he will still be voting in this year’s mayoral elections and has yet to look at the nominees.

He said: “I hope the new mayor will do a lot for the community and instead of saying they will do something, actually do it and bring the community together.”

But despite his knock-back, the caped crusader has already set his sights on his next political venture.

He said: “I am planning on running for MP next year.

"I am getting my team together and we are in the planning stages."

The vigilante says that when he enters the MP elections he will run as an independent candidate and his main focus will be on the community.

He said: “I want to encourage the community to get together and to open up more youth centres.”

Speaking of his campaign to be Mayor of Salford, Knight Warrior admits that he wasn’t very organised.

He said: “It wasn’t too planned and we rushed things.

“I will be more prepared when I run for MP.

“I already have a number of people on board to help me raise money.”

Knight Warrior’s community work is still going strong though, and he is planning on working with local children to perform a number of comedy sketches with serious messages hidden in them.

He said: “I want to help to get kids writing and work with local media students to film the sketches.”

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