Updated: Monday, 13th July 2020 @ 9:36pm

Bloody footage of Oldham bare knuckle 'straightener' leads to three arrests

Bloody footage of Oldham bare knuckle 'straightener' leads to three arrests

| By Jon Harris

Footage of a blood-spattered gypsy-style bare knuckle 'straightener' in Oldham has led to the arrests of three men.

The suspects were held after film taken on a mobile phone of what appeared to be an organised brawl outside Pure Gym, near Alexandra Park, was viewed by thousands of people on YouTube.

In the background of the shocking video, a man can be heard shouting ‘kill, kill, kill - if it comes to it, kill him’ and ‘eat him alive’ as one the two men grappled with each other.

BRAWL: The two men fought in the parking lot of Pure Gym in Oldham

At the end of the fight one of the men is seen with blood pouring from a head wound and spattering his white T shirt.

The footage went on to show the bloodied combatant punching the filmmaker before sitting in a silver car where a man shook his hand.

BLOODIED UP: One of the combatants after the fight

Today Greater Manchester Police confirmed three men, aged 35, 23, and 33 had been arrested on suspicion of assault and had been bailed until January. But the video remains online with more than 9,500 views since it was posted in October.

One man can be seen repeatedly punching the other in the face as he bleeds from his head.

NO HOLDS BARRED: The two traded vicious blows and chokes

Racist and foul language is used throughout the video and despite one of the men and his friend asking the fight to stop because he is passing out another person can be heard encouraging his friend to ‘kill’ him.

Throughout the video one man says: “Kill him, kill him. That’s it, elbow him. Eat him alive. Knock him out, kill him.

“If it comes to it, kill him. I don’t care if he’s knocked out, kill him.”

'KILL HIM': One observer made obscene statements, baying for blood

Viewers of the film posted messages on the video sharing site with Stacey Atkinson saying: ''Parents must be so proud of them.....tut tut!! Filming it as well!!....takes bigger men to laugh and walk away!!''

Another read: ''It was a one on one fight and he took it like a man. At the end both guys shook on it and called it quits, at least they sorted it out like proper gentlemen. Fair play to both of them.''

Story via Cavendish Press.

Images via YouTube, with thanks.