Updated: Monday, 24th September 2018 @ 5:48am

Northerners use more make-up than southerners, study claims

Northerners use more make-up than southerners, study claims

By Felicity Robertson

For years women have been the butt of jokes with their make-up and beauty rituals.

However, it appears that the North-South divide now extends further than property price and accent, with make-up stereotypes emerging across the UK.

Northerners are reported to wear more obvious make-up and are expert fake tanners, whereas southerners are said to prefer the natural look, opting for pore minimising creams and tinted moisturisers.

Women down South spend on average three hours carefully choosing the right foundation to suit their skin tone supporting the theory they prefer the natural look.

When talking about what look women prefer in London, Uday from the Covent Garden store, said: “A lot of them go for the natural look, in terms of mascara Max Factor and No.7 lash adapt are popular.”

Boots’ own No.7 brand prides itself on the natural appearance of its products, proclaiming: “They noticed your glow, not your make-up.”

Many northern girls follow the example of WAGS including Alex Curran and Colleen Rooney, both are massive fans of fake tan and false eye lashes.

Sam Shepherd from Manchester’s Market Street Boots said: “People in Manchester and Liverpool take pride in their appearance. No matter what their budget, they can always find a bit of luxury at Boots.”

He confirmed that one of the best-selling cosmetic products are Chanel foundations, supporting the suggestion that women up north prefer a more made up look. Chanel’s PRO LUMIÈRE Professional Finish Makeup is advertised as a foundation that’s ‘density adjusts depending on the desired effect’.

The most obvious exception to this stereotype is Essex. Television show, The Only Way is Essex, demonstrates the lashings of mascara, false eye lashes and fake tan.

Corinne Nash, from the George Yard Shopping Centre Boots, Essex, said: “Maybelline mascaras always sell well. Fake tans, black eye-liners, build-up mascaras and false eyelashes are popular.”

When discussing if there is a certain image in Essex she said: “Most of the young girls like false eyelashes and black eye-liner, they aren’t so keen on eye shadows.” 

She was also keen to mention that false nails are popular amongst Essex women.

You only have to look at Geordie Shore and Made in Chelsea to see that a North-South divide exists in terms of make-up. Many northern girls choose to tan themselves all year round whether it is on a sun bed or with the liquid stuff. In contrast southern girls tend to perfect and protect their skin with pore minimisers and SPF tinted moisturisers.