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Manchester makes Movember a beard celebration

Manchester makes Movember a beard celebration

By Jade Verity

As Movember is sweeping the nation, Manchester is celebrating the beard.

Beards of Manchester has launched a calendar for 2011 dedicated to the love of beards.

Samantha Bail and Chris Horkan came up with the idea just because of the sheer amount of beards in Manchester.

Samantha Bail said: “We just noticed how many bearded men there are in Manchester, more than in any other city, and how many people seem to be really into styling their beards and moustaches.”

At first the pair came up with the idea of an exhibition, which did in fact happen, and then came the idea of a calendar.

The photo exhibition is in Common bar until mid-December.

Sam said: “We put out a call for beard submissions on our website and received a stunning 209 photos from beard fans all over Manchester.”

None of them are professional models, it was just average guys who wanted to celebrate their beards but Mr February mentioned he used to be a shoe model in the 90s.

All profits from the calendar sales will go to Lifeshare, a Manchester based charity that supports homeless people in Manchester and Salford.

According to Movember rules the “tash” or Mo cannot join to the beard in order to be considered a moustache.

Movember is meant to encourage men to discuss the serious issue of their health, and effectively increases awareness about prostate cancer.

A spokesman from Movember said: “The moustache is an iconic masculine symbol, and the signature of a true modern gentleman.”

The Movember website lists Jude Law, Orlando Bloom, George Clooney and Eddie Murphy as their top moustaches.

Joe Mcloughlin, an actor, has had to grow a moustache for an acting part before.

He said: “It took about six weeks from clean to decent coverage.

“As for Movember I am taking part this year, growing a goatee type deal, I’m only six days in but we're getting there.”

To get a copy of the Beards of Manchester 2011 calendar at www.beardsofmanchester.com