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The Andy Gray Column: Super-sub Edin Dzeko must fix terrible full-game role before he gets Manchester City start

The Andy Gray Column: Super-sub Edin Dzeko must fix terrible full-game role before he gets Manchester City start

By Mancunian Matters staff

Sharethematch.com ambassador Andy Gray was talking exclusively to Mancunian Matters…

Roberto Maninci has seen no reason to give Edin Dzeko a place in Manchester City’s starting XI just yet – he’s a super-sub for a reason, and that is because when he starts he doesn’t make the best of it.

Whenever Dzeko has started this season, he hasn’t played very well. He played well off the bench against West Brom, came on and scored two goals, and he said afterwards ‘I’m not a super-sub’, so Mancini decides to give him a chance to start in the Champions League.

He started in Amsterdam and he was hopeless, he did nothing whatsoever to convince anyone to start him again in the near future and that’s why he’s in the current situation he’s in.

Then, after that poor performance, he comes on against Tottenham and scores, so he’s done himself no favours if he’s trying to prove to the club he’s not just a good player when he’s introduced in the latter stages of a game.

It’s not easy when you’re in that situation but he has to make more of the times he scores. I can’t remember one game this season where he has really performed when he’s started a game.

That could be down to a number of reasons, it could be confidence, it could be mentally, or maybe even at times match fitness, but whatever it is Mancini will have noticed it and as a result he’s not starting games.

On the other hand, every time he has been a sub he has affected the game and usually help City gain a point or three. It’s a difficult one for Mancini to know what to do because at the moment it seems detrimental to start the Bosnian in a match because his form this season suggests he’s not going to be very good if you do.

It’s just another headache for Mancini with the other of course being Mario Balotelli, who always seems to be giving him some sort of grief.

I think some of it is the media enjoy having a pop at City, but certainly there has been a slight change in attitude towards Balotelli this season because last season Mancini seemed a lot more forgiving.

I don’t think he will be going anywhere until City have a buyer lined up for him – whether or not that is January or next summer we will have to see.

Balotelli is what he is and I think in a way City and the staff like him for that, he’s his own character and I think he’s probably one player whose personality would be sorely missed if he was sold.

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