Updated: Saturday, 4th April 2020 @ 10:16am

Manchester welcomes students for Freshers' Week

Manchester welcomes students for Freshers' Week

By Francine Ponticelli

Manchester marks the start of its Freshers' Week today.

All around the country cities will be preparing for their fresh import of students, who are renowned for being keen to mingle and ready to sample the night life.

Bars and pubs across central Manchester have organised events for the coming week to draw in the eager crowds, including a reduction on drink prices.

With such a grand scale of young hopefuls gearing themselves for the biggest social week in the annual calendar, the concern for health, safety and public order could cultivate amongst local residents.   

Fallowfield is notorious for providing students with their ‘digs’ and, for this reason, the area has proven the most popular location for Freshers to see out the week.

The events coordinator for Fallowfield’s Baa Bar spoke of their plans to minimize the cost on shots, but stated that their promotion evenings have always been a huge success.

This particular Baa Bar has been running student nights since 1991 and has never had a problem with their clientele.

There is a monopoly of bars and pubs in Fallowfield that can make a party-goer seem spoilt for choice, but the city centre is planning to give South Manchester some competition.

Oxford Road’s Odder Bar has a collection of themed nights that are to run continuously throughout the year.

From quiz nights to gaming events, the moderately priced booze will be flowing, making the evenings atmospheric.

Alternatively, The Northern Quarter is home to Odder Bar’s counter-part, Odd Bar, where the same events apply.

First year student, Tillie Lonsdale, 20, finds the whole experience rather exciting, exclaiming: “I’ve heard so much about Freshers' Week and how it’s pure madness. It’s exactly what first-time students need to get acquainted with the City.”

However, Freshers' Week is not just for the novel undergraduate.

Abbey Wilkinson, 19, is a second year student and she recalls of her initial experience of Freshers' Week by stating: “I’m from a small town, so I found Freshers' Week rather daunting. But now that I feel like a fully-fledged Mancunian I’m looking forward to round two.”

Whether you are a newbie, or an experienced socialite, Manchester has something to offer for everyone.