Updated: Friday, 13th September 2019 @ 2:25pm

School dinners and community transport set to rise in Stockport after budget agreed

School dinners and community transport set to rise in Stockport after budget agreed

By Ailsa Macmillan

The cost of school dinners and community transport in Stockport will increase in the new year after town hall chiefs agreed their budget for 2012/13.

Stockport Council set a budget plan for the next financial year 2012/13 and it was agreed that it would ahead in January.  

The authority will increase community transport costs by 50 pence and school dinners by 10 pence.  

Leader for Stockport Council, Dave Goddard said: "tockport Council is determined to deliver the best possible services to all our communities to help them be thriving, safe and strong, healthy and green.”

The Council aims to save £11.6 million next year which includes increasing the cost of community transport and school dinners.

After a three month consultation starting in September the council revised their propose increase in fees after asking the public, service users, employees and trade unions.

Many parents were against the school meals increase, yet many non parents were not against it but overall there was a good level of response for the part increase.

Families with less income will still be liable for free school meals.

“Increases have been reduced in response to what they have said,” Executive member for Finance Cllr Sue Derbyshire said.

Cllr Derbyshire said: “We have done it in a way that is open to a lot of people.”

The council will revise their plans in January.

Cllr Derbyshire said: “In unstable times you can’t stick to a plan.”

By 2014 the Council will have to make savings of between £35-£45 million from a total budget of over £230 million, which will mean 130 council redundancies.

Executive member for adults and health, Cllr John Pantall said: “The council has 3.9 percent lower than the previous year to spend.”

In the future the NHS is likely to be effected in some way but the council said they were unable to disclose this information.

The community can get involved by giving their opinions about how the council budget should be spent on the online Budget Simulator.

“It is good to see where money goes and see where people would pay money in certain areas,” Cllr Derbyshire said.

She added: “The needs of the residents need to be put before everything else.”

Complete the Budget Simulator online at www.stockport.gov.uk/budgetsimulator