Updated: Tuesday, 16th July 2019 @ 6:22pm

Review: Moscow City Ballet's Swan Lake @ Palace Theatre, Manchester

Review: Moscow City Ballet's Swan Lake @ Palace Theatre, Manchester

| By Edward Roberts

Moscow City Ballet have delighted audiences with the first of a two-night-only production of Swan Lake at Manchester’s Palace Theatre.

The renowned dance company – who earlier this week brought to life the story of Romeo and Juliet – perform the classic tale with all the grace and technique that you’d expect from such a high calibre team.

It is arguably a much-needed change of pace for people of Manchester, with this production being sandwiched between a four-week stint of Wicked and an upcoming string of dates for Jersey Boys.

Still, the dancers more than rise to the occasion with an understated performance that showcases the strengths and talents of a world-class group of dancers.

The production is in two acts, the first of which opens with Prince Siegfried (played by Daniil Orlov), who is celebrating his 21st birthday. It is the Jester (Aleksei Tsauko), however, who actually has those in attendance eating out of the palm of his hand in the opening minutes.

As well as bursting with energy, he even manages to garner a few laughs out of the audience, many of which are prepared for what is famously a rather earnest and sincere tale.

Midway through act one, there is a huge ruffle of anticipation when it becomes clear that we are about to watch – or perhaps shall we say, listen – to that scene.

Even those who perhaps don’t have much experience with the world of ballet know just what is coming when Tchaikovsky’s most timeless score begins to sound. This is performed with all the gusto of a life orchestra – in the process forging an unforgettable atmosphere for an unforgettable scene.

With the all too familiar anthem playing in the background, the audience are then introduced to the swans. Droves of bird-like dancers take to the stage, creating a rather remarkable visual for theatre-goers of all ages.

Every performer appears to relish the opportunity to perform on such a grand stage as the one at the Palace Theatre, with clever lighting making it a glistening paradise to exhibit their craft.

There appear to be around 20 swans (or at least more than you can count before losing track of those coming and going) and each one is as graceful as the last.

It is, of course, Odette (Liliya Orekhova) who manages to make the biggest impression as the principal character. The ballerina demonstrates flawless skill and technique as she tackles what is surely a dream role for anyone in her profession.

Despite the fact the plot comes to the somber conclusion that most are expecting, Moscow City Ballet’s Swan Lake easily provides a pleasing evening for the people of Manchester.

There’s just one night left to experience the magic for yourself before the company’s final swan song in Manchester and it glides off to wow the rest of the U.K.

*Swan Lake is showing at the Palace Theatre, Manchester until Saturday, January 19. You can buy tickets HERE.