Updated: Friday, 3rd July 2020 @ 7:20am

Salford training centre to 'transform lives' of young people from unstable homes

Salford training centre to 'transform lives' of young people from unstable homes

| By Andy Donley

A £2million training centre with in-house accommodation is to be created in Salford for young people with unstable living arrangements.

The Salford Working Out project will transform a disused homeless hostel, Petrie Court in Lower Kersal, into a centre in which 16-25-year-olds can live, complete their education and undertake professional training.

The site will also include a gym and an ICT suite, with Lee Sugden, chief executive of Salix Homes who are providing £1million towards the construction of the centre, describing it as a ‘ground-breaking initiative’.

“This centre will enable us to break down those barriers that are preventing some young people from accessing employment or training and provide them with the opportunities they so desperately need to transform their lives,” he said.

“Many are struggling to hold down a job or go to college because of their unsuitable or unstable living arrangements – it could be that they are at risk of homelessness or have no permanent place to live due to their family situations.

“Young people today often find themselves forced out of the job and housing market, but through this project we can provide supported accommodation for them while they complete their training or education.”

Salix Homes matched the funding supplied by the Homes and Communities Agency, and will work alongside local skills and education providers to deliver training programmes and employment opportunities for residents.

The number of 16-25-year-olds currently on the housing waiting list in Salford currently stands at 2,200, with that figure rising to 6,000 for the those not in education or professional training.

The facility is expected to open this summer, with residents anticipated to stay at the facility for up to 12 months, after which Salix will assist them into permanent accommodation.