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The wait is nearly over – Sony to unveil PlayStation 4 in live conference, but how much will really be divulged?

The wait is nearly over – Sony to unveil PlayStation 4 in live conference, but how much will really be divulged?

By Danielle Wainwright

Video game fans across Manchester are counting down the hours until the live conference from America will unveil the much-anticipated PlayStation 4.

The event starts at 11pm GST and hundreds of fans are already envisioning what the new PlayStation may look like.

Estimate prices vary between £250 and £400 and there is already much speculation over gadgets and gizmos such as an in built camera and PS move, streaming of PlayStation 3 games and touch pad control.

But what has been confirmed for the PS4?

Firstly we can assume it will be black, bringing with it a sleeker and shinier image; just look at the black Wii U compared to white.

Sony has also hinted that the game pad will be similar to the past models but slightly sleeker. Plus a more powerful hard drive is to be expected.

Also we can expect a huge wait for it to be released in Europe and a bigger price tag than the US, as has become the norm for new gaming consoles.

Game employee James, from Oldham, a self-confessed Microsoft fan, explained how many fans may be disappointed with the news tonight will bring.

He said: “A typical Sony move would be to gather all journalists, excite gamers across the world, only to shoot them down with an uninteresting babble like they did at E3 and not give anything away.

“Obviously we want to see a product, a cost, a release date and a games list but I don’t see all of that happening to be honest. I think people will walk away from it with a lot of unanswered questions.”

The PlayStation 3 – released back in 2006 – was a huge success, selling around 77million units to date.

However compared to other consoles released around that time, the Nintendo Wii (which has sold around 100million) and Nintendo DS Lite (at around 93 million), it did not match up to the standards that it expected.

Greg Miller, PlayStation executive editor at IGN, told The Independent: “For Sony, they have to come out and make this PlayStation event the definitive statement of why gamers need to adopt the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation Orbis or whatever they end up calling it.”

At the time of release, family gaming was all the rage, and the PS3 offered titles that were aimed at a more hard core band of gamers such as GTA, Call of Duty and Devil May Cry to name a tiny fraction.

With the Microsoft and Sony war leading to a stubborn impasse of neither wanting to release a console first, Sony has, after seven years, bowed to pressure and for the moment look to be all that every gamer wants hopefully in time for Christmas.

To watch the live streaming of tonight’s event, visit www.computerandvideogames.com/390731/live-blog/live-countdown-to-playstation-4/#

Image courtesy of IGN via YouTube, with thanks.

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