Updated: Tuesday, 24th April 2018 @ 6:41pm

The Andy Gray Column: If Manchester City had had Carlos Tevez all season, they'd have won the league by now

The Andy Gray Column: If Manchester City had had Carlos Tevez all season, they'd have won the league by now

Sharethematch.com ambassador Andy Gray was talking exclusively to Mancunian Matters….

Love him or hate him, if Manchester City had have been able to call upon Carlos Tevez all year they probably would have been celebrating a first Premier League title by now.

As it is Man City have to win all their games. There is no room for error for Roberto Mancini’s men now and they know that. They have got to go and win all their games – and that includes beating Man United at the Etihad Stadium and beating Newcastle away from home.

It’s certainly not over and United can still slip up, with some tricky games starting this weekend against Everton and away against Sunderland and City have to believe they can still come out on top.

This Premier League is so competitive and unpredictable that there is room for United to drop points, of course there is. We didn’t expect them to drop points against Wigan but they did. This is a strange league this year and I think it’s still open and I think it’s still undecided, but if City don’t win all their games from now on then it doesn’t matter.

When you look at Tevez it is almost impossible to say they would be top if he had played all year.  

People are saying that because he’s come back and got a hat-trick that they would be. It’s possible because I think he is better than the others and is a perfect foil for Sergio Aguero.

I think he would’ve been better and I think he would’ve scored some goals, so would they be more than five points better off? I think they probably would be and therefore I think that means they’d probably still be top.

Whatever happens City have got some decisions to make this summer and one of them includes that man Mario Balotelli.  

I think the lad is a talent and he’s had a pretty good first season when you look at his goals return, so why would you want to get rid.

If he’s a destabilising character, if he’s unsettling the dressing room, if the dressing room is mixed about whether they want to embrace him then I would get rid.

You can’t have people who split dressing rooms and cause problems if you want to win titles and be successful.

You can afford to have those characters if you’re not winning things but City need to have a very close-nit dressing room and if he’s upsetting the equilibrium of the dressing room then I would sell him. If the players are happy with him and they love him and the vast majority are behind him then why not keep him? I think he can only get better.

I think the decision depends on the players but Mancini will make his own mind up. Mancini has worked with him more than we have and he had him in Italy as a kid, so he knows the lad and he spent big money on him. So he was sure enough of him to spend that money to bring him over from Italy. I don’t think he will be so quick in shipping him out if the players are happy.

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