Updated: Thursday, 9th July 2020 @ 8:21am

Greater Manchester's overall crime rate drops 10% but remains hotspot for robbery, fraud and mobile phone theft

Greater Manchester's overall crime rate drops 10% but remains hotspot for robbery, fraud and mobile phone theft

By Dominic Claeys-Jackson

Crime in Greater Manchester dropped 10% over the last year – but the region still boasts one of the highest crime rates in England and Wales.

Office for National Statistics figures released yesterday show that in the year ending June 2012, 76 offences per 1,000 people were recorded by Greater Manchester Police.

And these 200,000-plus crimes left the region with the third-highest crime rate – behind only the Metropolitan and West Yorkshire police constabularies.

Robbery and fraud were shown to have particularly high rates in the region compared to the rest of England and Wales.

Greater Manchester Police recorded the third-highest rate of robbery with 4,053 cases – a rate of two per 1,000 people – beaten only by Metropolitan and West Midlands forces.

Indeed, site data released this week by MobileInsurance.co.uk revealed Manchester to be the phone theft hotspot of the UK, with the most handset thefts per capita.

And the 7,242 instances of fraud and forgery – a rate of three per 1,000 people – left Greater Manchester in the top five highest.

Despite being having such high rates, robbery and fraud cases in Greater Manchester both underwent a significant decrease over the year.

Fraud and forgery plummeted by 20% since June 2011, with robbery dropping by 14%.

Offences against vehicles (16%), criminal damage (12%), other theft offences (11%) and burglary (10%) also fell impressively.

Indeed, only one of the twelve crime categories increased in Greater Manchester – violence against the person went up 1% with nearly 40,000 cases.

The ONS report showed that the 6% crime drop in England and Wales meant that Greater Manchester crime is declining at an impressive rate.

Nearly 3.9million crimes were reported in England and Wales, leaving an overall crime rate of 70 crimes per 1,000 people - the eighth successive yearly decrease.

And overall, every category of crime fell, except theft from the person which showed a 6% increase.

Greater Manchester saw the most crimes recorded and the highest rate of crime in the North-West, but also saw the biggest reduction in crime.

GMP declined to comment.

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