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Manchester's musical legacy is here and now

Manchester's musical legacy is here and now

AS THE annual In The City festival hits town, Laura Stubbs quizzes general manager, Jon-Paul Waddington, about how it is influencing the music scene. 

After only a few minutes of conversation with the ex-music journalist, it becomes clear that the music industry is very much alive and kicking.

 “Anyone who thinks the record industry is dying is a chump,” he said.

 Billed as “the world’s premier new music event”, Manchester’s In the City aims to attract a wider audience for up and coming artists on a regional and international level.

The festival, which takes place from October 18-20 at various venues around the city, will entice music enthusiasts and unsigned talent into Manchester to enjoy a weekend bursting at the seams with live music.

 Controversial characters from across music, film, photography, and new media will also gather to debate, discuss, and do business.

 After being created by the late Tony Wilson in 1992, the three-day event could be described as the music mogul's lasting legacy. In an attempt to rival the New York music scene, In The City was launched in Britain to revive the buzz about live music.

 The festival, currently in its 17th year, has offered thousands of emerging artists a platform to showcase their talent.  It is little wonder, that Wilson's brainchild has played an instrumental role in unleashing unsigned bands into the cut-throat music industry.

 Waddington said: "We get about three to five thousand demos sent through each year, and we'll spend a year going through them with A & R guys.

 “Our biggest discovery was probably Coldplay. They walked off stage and got signed straight away to Universal Records.”

 Remarkably, eight bands appearing at the festival have gone on to chart 17 UK number one singles between them. In The City scored its first number one in May 1996 with "Some Might Say" by Oasis, with the most recent being “When The Sun Goes Down” by Arctic Monkeys in January 2006.

 Now if that fails to whet your appetite, little else will.

 To find out more about the UK’s premier international music convention, visit www.inthecity.co.uk for more information.