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Killing Kittens: Exclusive sex party returns to Manchester... but do you meet their standards?

Killing Kittens: Exclusive sex party returns to Manchester... but do you meet their standards?

| By Kenny Lomas

Imagine a place where all your sexual fantasies can be played out with some of the most beautiful creatures to ever grace the earth – well this place has arrived in Manchester.

At least that’s what we’ve been led to believe.

The glamorous orgy which GQ once said was ‘synonymous with the world’s sexual elite’ has been pleasuring party-goers for the best part of a decade in London’s trendy Soho district.

Launched in 2005 by Emma Sayle, the name derives from the expression that every time a woman masturbates, God kills a kitten in retribution.

God giveth and God taketh – and that’s certainly a key theme at KK parties.

Big Brother’s Luisa Zissman claims to be among those who have visited KK’s erotic sex parties, which are shrouded in just enough mystery to make attending one highly alluring.

The venues are another big allure to KK parties, ranging from penthouses to high-end hotels to beautiful manor houses – marketed as beautiful venues for beautiful people.

Party-goers only find out about the venue 24 hours before the party, maintaining the air of mystery and intensifying the allure.

After eight years Manchester was finally given a piece of the action as KK launched the first of many planned parties in January.

Killing Kitten’s North Hostess, who goes by the alias Jordie KK, 32, told MM that it’s their mission to shake off people’s attitudes towards sex, which is a big part of most people’s lives.

JORDIE KK: The North Hostess says sex is more taboo in society

Jordie, from Manchester, told MM: “Sex is sex at the end of the day, everyone does it. We wouldn’t be here unless someone hadn’t done it. It’s not a taboo subject in regards to me.

“I think if more people spoke about, not like in a sleazy way, coming out with it at inappropriate times, or inappropriate things.

"If people didn’t see it as such a sleazy subject, people would be a lot more comfortable talking about it.

“If people didn’t have such narrow minds, or lived in ancient times, lived in the twentyfirst century and embraced things, it would be far less taboo.”

Traditionally sex clubs, or at least the perception that people have of sex clubs, revolve around the sexual needs and desires of the man, and often take place in seedy venues.

This is where KK has differentiated from its competitors, because at KK, the women are the rulers of their sexual empire.

The control which women wield at KK parties is a reflection of the empowerment which they are increasingly displaying in the real world.

They don’t pander to men here in any way shape or form, and they’re not afraid to let their sexual demons come out to play.

“More and more women are embracing their sexuality whether they’re straight, gay or bisexual," Jordie said. "They’re embracing themselves and the empowerment and they’re enjoying themselves.

"More and more women want to go out and enjoy themselves.” 

The common perception of swingers are those in their middle-age, looking to ineject some life into their stagnat sex life. Jordie says this isn't completely reflective of KK's clientel.

“Some of the single girls, they’ve never been to anything like this before but it’s something they’ve always wanted to go to.

"You'd be really, really shocked how many girls of all ages, from 19 to 45 are interested in going to these types of places and these types of parties.”

Single girls are allowed to attend the sex parties, but men are required to be accompanied by a date.

This is a deliberate ploy to place the power firmly in the women's hands and make them feel more comfortable of their surroundings.

“The thing about KK is, we’re all about the women, and men can’t approach women,” Jordie said.

“You’ll never find a woman feeling uncomfortable where she’s got a guy approaching her, groping her or anything like that because that’s not allowed and people will be told, and they do it again they’ll be asked to leave.”

Unlike certain other underground sex clubs, being in the know isn’t what’s going to get into a KK party.

Those interested in living out their sexual fantasies must first set up a profile which will then be vetted to make sure you stack up to KK’s high standards.

It is something that’s worked well so far, helping maintain the exclusivity of the brand, something which is fundamental to the allure of KK.

Jordie said: “It’s how it’s always been, they're the rules and it's worked well enough so far, so why change it? There’s always been a vetting system.

“We don’t discriminate against jobs or anything like that; we just want to check that you fit the bill.”

Jordie first entered the erotic world of Killing Kittens two years ago, after becoming intrigued when hearing about the erotic sex parties from a friend.

Like many other sex party virgins, Jordie didn’t know fully what to expect.

“I was extremely nervous of going,” Jordie said. “It was my partners first time as well, so it was quite nervous for both of us. It was one of those things, let’s just go there and see what it’s like. and take it as it is.

"We didn't put any pressure on ourselves but what we did do is have rules.

“If you get to a point where you are uncomfortable, or your partner is uncomfortable you need to just stop and take yourself out of that situation.”

PRETTY IN PINK: Many kittens will lose their lives on March 28

Over the last two years, Jordie became close with Emma Sayle, the brains behind KK, and encouraged her to bring the parties up North.

“I struck up quite a good relationship with Emma, we’re quite similar personalities," she said.

"She said 'would you like to do it', and I just said 'yes, I really would. It’s something I would really enjoy and I think I would really be good at it.'”

Jordy says KK’s Manchester parties have been a huge success, and they are set to return on Friday, March 28.

Places are limited, but those who are intrigued into having their first foray into this erogenous world need to act now and create a profile on killingkittens.com.

She said: “They’ve been great. Manchester’s only just finding out about it now. We’re quite new in the North. People are just finding out about it and it’s just letting people know that we’re there.

“You’d be surprised, my phone never stops. It’s getting more popular definitely.”

Jordie insists that there is no pressure to join in with the night’s activities, as many visitors simply observe on their first visit.

“Their's no pressure for anyone to actually have sex when they come to these parties," Jordie said.

“Some people might just get turned on watching other people have sex, and if that’s the case then so be it.

“As long as you’re not hurting anyone, or feeling uncomfortable with what you’re doing, crack on.”

If you haven’t clicked off this article in utter disgust yet at the sheer depravity that has no-doubt become imprinted on your brain, then you must undoubtedly be intrigued.  

If that’s the case then put aside your inhibitions and take the plunge, and join the killing of God's kittens that is going to go down on March 28.

For more information email Jordie at kkjordie@gmail.com or contact  via Twitter.