Updated: Tuesday, 19th June 2018 @ 7:51am

Piccadilly Pulse: Would you watch a television channel dedicated to Manchester?

Piccadilly Pulse: Would you watch a television channel dedicated to Manchester?

By Claire Holden

The closure of Manchester’s long-standing TV station Channel M has created a gap in the market.

Manchester.tv was launched this week, despite an uncertainty of demand for a channel dedicated to one city.

Founder James Black told MM: “I’m gambling that by the time the budget runs out people will be interested.

“Even if we went bust though, I would want to keep it going.”

The channel has been born with an ethos of focusing on the positive stories that come out of Manchester, instead of focusing on the doom and gloom.

MM took to the streets of Manchester to ask their opinion:

Would you watch a television channel dedicated to Manchester?

Yes – 53 %

No – 9 %

Maybe - 38%

Stephen Preston, marketing, 25, Stockport

“I would if it had varied Manchester related programmes on, like comedy and music, but Channel M was mostly irrelevant community stuff which you can’t really watch too much of.”

Annabel Richards, translator, 30, Fallowfield

“If it was about interesting stuff that happened here I’d watch those sorts of things when they were on.”

Ste Ruddick, student, 22, Manchester

“I didn’t even know Channel M existed.”

Gerry Sanders, teacher, 44, Timperly

“I might be interested but it depends what it’s like.”

Helena Pullman, 23, events organiser, Hulme

“I’d always turn on to see what it was like, and if whatever was on caught my attention I may keep watching it as a daytime TV thing.”

Anne Murray, researcher, 48, Denton

“If I wanted specific news about Manchester and if I would get up-to-date info then yeah.”

Ashley Sayer, student, 19, Fallowfield

“I didn’t watch Channel M because it was really bad quality.”

Nick Billington, shop assistant, 27, Bury

“It depends if it’s got stuff about gigs and clubs because that’s what I want to know about.”

Ella Coxe, P.A, 21, Eccles

“Yeah I’d be really interested!”

Jamil Khan, business owner, 35, Stockport

“Yeah I might, with a business it’s useful to know what’s going on in the area.”