Updated: Wednesday, 21st November 2018 @ 4:35pm

New flight routes from Manchester to Tel Aviv: Top five things to do in Israel

New flight routes from Manchester to Tel Aviv: Top five things to do in Israel

By Shanna McGoldrick

Follwowing EasyJet's unveiling of their first flight route between Manchester Airport and Tel Aviv, Israel, this week, MM have put together a quick guide of what to do when you get there...

Top five things to do in Israel

Visit Jerusalem

Perhaps one of the oldest travel destinations on earth, this ancient holy city is a melting pot of Christianity, Islam, Judaism and political activism. Get lost in the alleyways of the old city, walk along the sacred Via Dolorosa and marvel at the spirituality of the Western Wall.


Wander the Desert

Over half Israel’s land mass is covered by the Negev desert, home to sparse populations of nomads, Philistines and many others over the course of  history.  Explore the settlement of Negev on foot, bike or ATV. It might also be worth taking a look at the vineyards set up in the late 1990’s, specialising in reds made from zindafel and carignan grapes.   


Bathe in the Dead Sea

Take a dip in the salty waters of the Dead Sea, officially the lowest spot on earth at 400m below sea level. Famous for its biblical connotations and its healing properties, this is also one of the world’s ecological treasures. 


Party in Tel Aviv

Let your hair down in cosmopolitan Tel Aviv, the beating heart of Israel’s nightlife scene. When it all gets too much, head to one of the gorgeous beaches lining the city coast, grab a sun lounger and soak up the rays. 



As befits a country which is such a mishmash of cultures, Israel’s culinary scene is anything but boring. The Land of Milk and Honey offers everything from trendy Turkish cuisine to Mediterranean-style seafood with a bit of Middle Eastern and Jewish cooking thrown in for good measure. Let your taste buds travel, too!