Updated: Sunday, 20th October 2019 @ 6:24am

Swingers' club sparks residents' campaign

Swingers' club sparks residents' campaign

By Elaine O'Flynn

A proposed swingers’ club in Chorlton is causing unrest among residents.

A request for planning permission was made last week to transform the Furniture Exchange showroom on Barlow Moor into a 'private members club' for couples.

Changes would include blacked out windows, a 4am drinks licence at the weekends, a hot tub, dance floor, showers and rooms for ‘hospitality and leisure services’, catering for a ’specific interest group’.

Victor Chamberlain, Liberal Democrat Councillor for Chorlton, opposes the proposal.

 He said: “The application raises serious questions which have not been answered – particularly about the nature of the club.

“Moreover, it is applying for a license until 4am which is far later than anywhere else in Chorlton. It also fails to provide any parking facilities despite mentioning people will be travelling from around the country to attend the club, and will produce a large amount of noise pollution which will affect the houses close by.”

So far the proposal has attracted almost 100 complaints, and Chorlton resident Melanie Phillips is leading the campaign against the proposal.

She said: “The plans submitted by the developers simply have not taken local residents into account.

“It is in direct conflict with the wishes of Chorlton residents and business owners, and will add nothing of value to the local area. The area is already becoming over-reliant on its night-time economy against the wishes of its residents, who want it to stay as a mainly residential area.

“Quite simply, this kind of late night club would be far better situated in a non-residential area.”

Chorlton father Myles Diamond, 31, agreed with Ms Phillips. “I’m really against this proposal,” he said.

“Chorlton is a family area, and this sort of thing should be in the centre of Manchester, not on a main street surrounded by lots of schools.

“It’s fine if people want to do it, but I don’t think Chorlton is the right area.”

However there are still Chorlton locals who feel less strongly about the club. Lissa Taker, 44, said: “Initially I thought it was crazy, but then again, so what?

“It’s not my cup of tea, but I don’t really see a problem with it. Live and let live, that’s what I think!”