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The Martians are coming to Manchester: Why UFO spotting is 'common' among Mancunians

The Martians are coming to Manchester: Why UFO spotting is 'common' among Mancunians

By Ben Lugg

UFO sightings in Manchester are ‘commonplace’, according to a leading spaceship spotter’s website.

www.uk-ufo.co.uk has reported multiple sightings in Salford, Stretford, Newton Heath, Fallowfield and Worsley so far this year.

Manchester has a pedigree for attracting UFOs, the most famous example being in 1995 when a huge ‘spacecraft’ was spotted above Manchester airport.

Earlier this year Manchester man Derek Brown, 27, was spared jail after shining a laser pen at a police helicopter while, he claimed, hunting for UFOs.

Evidently, there are some who think that is life out there, and Manchester is the place to see it.

SOMETHING IN THE SKY: A sighting in Eccles, July 2005

The Ministry of Defence department which investigated UFO sightings was closed after 60 years in 2009 after officials concluded: “No UFO report has revealed any evidence of a potential threat to the United Kingdom.”

Since then the job of watching the nation’s skies has been left to enthusiasts across the country.

UFO spotters should think carefully before declaring a sighting as a number of different phenomena can be to blame.

Planes, helicopters and more recently the popularity of Chinese lanterns can all explain strange lights in the sky.

MM tries to figure out what attracts the extra-terrestrials to Manchester...

Weather – Unlike humans, a number of extraterrestrial species need a wet, cool atmosphere. A great number of reptile-like aliens (probably – we’re completely guessing here) need constantly moist skin to even survive and Manchester’s notoriously awful weather provides the perfect climate.

Food – You may think you have a developed palette, but in comparison to most alien species you’re probably nowhere close. However with Manchester’s huge array of quality restaurants from around the world, the city is the perfect place for aliens to tickle their taste buds. After travelling 327 million light years to get here, they’ll be knackered and are not going to want to go trekking about for variety when they can have it all here.

Language – Space experts have long speculated that the mancunian accent bears a remarkable similarity to a number of alien dialects. Perhaps extraterrestrials find the similarity of tone in Manchester appealing?

Nightlife/music – It’s a well known fact that Manchester is the only city in the world that comes close to offering the kind of nightlife available on other planets. Many alien species are famous for their party lifestyle (do you not remember the funky nightclubs in Total Recall?) and given half the chance would love to dance the night away in the Northern Quarter. But if they want anything like the three breasted lady from Total Recall, they might find what they’re looking for in the Printworks…

Ian Brown’s tambourine – The incessant shaking of Brown’s tambourine has been like a sonar across the galaxies and a number of alien races have been on twenty-five year space race to reach it first. For them, it is equivalent to human explorers’ search for Atlantis or El Dorado, however in this case those who find it leave bitterly disappointed as Brown only grunts and glares at them menacingly.

Location – Maybe it’s Manchester’s location, right in the middle of the British Isles, that attracts tourists from beyond the stars.  From Manchester it is just a short space trip to just about anywhere in the UK, be it mountain climbing in the Scottish highlands or surfing in Cornwall – they haven’t come all this way for the hotel room, however nice the Malmaison is.

Or maybe their satellite beams are attracted to the reflections off Karl Pilkington’s head


CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A triangle 'formation' filmed over Manchester in 2009


UNIDENTIFIED: A 'sighting' in Stretford, October 2008