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My Big Mouth: Would controversial Apprentice star Katie Hopkins snub royal baby named Tyler or Chantelle?

My Big Mouth: Would controversial Apprentice star Katie Hopkins snub royal baby named Tyler or Chantelle?

Comment by Katja Stein

Katie Hopkins is the face pinned to everyone’s dart board at the moment, which exactly what she wants.

She is deliberately antagonistic in her interviews, craftily securing herself a lot of publicity and ultimately, a fatter pay check.

Famous for starring on The Apprentice and her self-proclaimed ‘tell it like it is’ attitude, Hopkins is villain of the month, following a clash with This Morning’s Holly Willoughby, and most of the population, earlier this month.

During the nine-minute spat, Hopkins ranted about how she has the right to judge children’s names as they relate to class behaviour, and has managed to score herself more than 11.2million hits (at time of writing) on YouTube.

Sadly for the controversial media figure, the video hasn’t managed to surpass Psy’s Gangham Style.

However the clip has led to the spawning of the Twitter trend #ratemyname, where so many users tweeted Hopkins asking her to rate their name, for which some have received an honest reply.

In fact, Hopkins has been able to feed from the controversy and has released an e-book: The Class Book of Baby Name – I request that no one buys and bumps up Hopkins’ already bursting bank balance.

After Hopkins’ five minutes of fame are up, many of us will be sat round the kitchen table going, ‘Katie who?’

So far she has managed to insult the working class, those without traditional English names, women, the ginger community, people who are overweight and cyclists – soon there won’t be anyone left to have a pop at.

Hopkins proclaims that she ‘says what everyone’s thinking’ – how many parents have run away screaming after hearing the shocking news that their child’s best friend is named Chantelle?

With the royal birth imminent, would anyone (Hopkins aside) be appalled and ashamed of having a Prince Tyler for a future monarch?

My biggest bugbear concerning Hopkins is her hypocritical misogyny  hating women, spouting sexual stereotypes and declaring that she ‘thinks like a man’ and forgetting that, in the fundamental aspects at least, she is a woman.

Image courtesy of ITV via YouTube, with thanks

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