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Interview: 'The record label is dead' – Breed 77 talk about their PledgeMusic Campaign ahead of Manchester gig

Interview: 'The record label is dead' – Breed 77 talk about their PledgeMusic Campaign ahead of Manchester gig

By Hannah Hulme

Breed 77 have a very busy year lined up. They have already written and recorded an album, launched a PledgeMusic campaign and completed an acoustic tour of the UK.

Now they are in the process of preparing for Download Festival, their album release and another tour to see out 2012.

But before their Manchester gig on Friday, vocalist Paul Isola and guitarist Danny Felice managed to squeeze in a chat with MM to talk about why this year is so important for them.

“There’s not much time left. It’s 2012, the world’s going to end anyway so we thought we’d put out two albums and go out with a bang!” said Paul.

“We’re releasing our new album The Evil Inside in September. I would say it’s more rocky than heavy metal but it’s still quite dark.”

Danny elaborated: “This time we’re sticking with a single language album. There are still tinges of the ethnic thing but we’re using bluesy sounds and jazzy riffs.”

Breed 77 pride themselves on producing albums with an unique sound every time.

This is no easy feat when you consider the band has released five albums and four EPs, several of which have both Spanish and English language versions.

However at the start of this year they teamed up with PledgeMusic to release an EP unlike anything fans have heard before.

Paul explained the concept of the campaign: “PledgeMusic is a mechanism via which fans can make a promise to pay a certain amount of money so if the project target is reached, they get an exclusive release.

“You can pledge for a new acoustic EP, Under The Skin, pre-order the new electric album and there are ‘experiences’ up for grabs.”

Danny explained what kind of goodies fans could expect to pledge for through the campaign.

“Dinner with the band, guitar lessons, all the props to our videos, a guitar- loads of one-off experiences you can only get through the website.

“All that money goes towards the recording and manufacture of the record so there’s no middle men and there’s no one person making a huge profit.

“The idea everything to pay for itself, and 5% goes to Amnesty International.”

So what about PledgeMusic was so appealing to the band?

Paul explained: “We like the dynamic, the music industry is changing. We released the last album in the UK under our own label and gave it out to other companies for worldwide release.”

By releasing music through PledgeMusic and from their own platform, Breed 77 have effectively freed themselves from dealing with artistic interference from a large record label.

As Paul later shouts during the performance: “The record label is dead!”

But how far do the fans pledging money to their campaign have input into the production of their records?

“The idea was always to get the fans involved. When we put up mixes of our music we ask people what they think, it’s a great sounding board for us.

And in the spirit of mixing things up, the acoustic tour has been a deviation from how the band are used to performing.

Playing much smaller venues, Danny explains, alters the dynamic of the band-crowd relationship, creating more of a party atmosphere than a regular show.

“It’s a much more intimate environment and people get to see a different side to us.”

Coming to Manchester, Paul says, is like coming home.

Although the band are based in London, they have frequently chosen to end tours here because of the affinity they feel with Mancunian fans.

The band will wrap up their acoustic chapter with a performance at Download Festival, amongst arguably one of the best line-ups the festival has ever seen.

“They offered us a slot on the strength of our acoustic tour and it’s a great opportunity for us.

“A lot of people would complain about playing an acoustic slot or playing on the Friday, but if you compare playing the acoustic stage on the Friday with not playing at all, what would you choose?”

You certainly have to admire this band for the amount of faith they have in their fans, and if the acoustics shows are any indication, pledgers of the new EP will be richly rewarded for their support.

For more information about PledgeMusic and Breed 77’s campaign, visit: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/breed77

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