Updated: Tuesday, 7th April 2020 @ 8:10am

Top five food apps: MM compile the best downloads to keep your palette whet and meals flavoured...

Top five food apps: MM compile the best downloads to keep your palette whet and meals flavoured...

By Jess Wilson

Getting sick of the sight of Angry Birds? Made an album on Songify? Turned all of your friends in to obese citizens on FatBooth?

MM have compiled a list of the top five food apps available at the moment for you to dig your teeth into…

Cheese & Wine

This app directs you towards the perfect cheese and wine combinations. It includes a flavour matching wheel, a library of articles about wine and cheese matching, and numerous videos from Will Studd and Max Allen (creators) about the importance of getting your cheese /wine combo right. Reason to get it: the app costs £1.49 which is a small price to pay for so much expert knowledge and it’s totally an excuse to experiment with wine and cheese everyday for the foreseeable.

Love Food Hate Waste

This app really focuses on teaching us how to waste as little food as possible and in doing so it helps you save your hard earned cash. The ‘Portion Size Planner’ helps you to judge how much to cook (I for one am always over-eager with portion size), while the ‘Recipe Blender’ inspires you to use up ingredients you already have. The ‘Meal Planner’ helps you to work out the exact proportions of ingredients that you will need so as to avoid over-buying at the supermarket and there are over 350 meal ideas and recipes available for you to rummage through.

Reason to get it: It is completely free

Jamie’s 20 minute meals

The naked chef’s app is a sure winner with every cook, whatever your ability.  This little treasure is stuffed full of 60 quick, easy and truly tasty recipes and over 20 videos of the Essex lad himself revealing his top kitchen tips.  The app includes a shopping list feature that sorts out your ingredients by aisle (amazing) so that so you’ll be in and out of the supermarket in a dash as well. Reason to get it: The step-by-step photography for each recipe really makes it hard for you to go wrong AND you don’t need an internet connection for it to work.  

Levi Root’s sunshine food

This is the key to Caribbean cooking. Levi Roots’ app is split into 4 sections: Plan, Shop, Cook and Enjoy. In ‘Plan’ you pick your recipe by ingredient, diet or cooking time and then select the amount of people you are cooking for ( Sunshine Food then calculates the scale of ingredients that you need!). In ‘Shop’, you create your interactive shopping list, which allows you to tick off ingredients as you go. In ‘Cook’, a schedule is created by the app if you’re cooking more than one dish, and Levi shouts when things are ready (pretty entertaining but slightly stressful). Finally, the ‘Enjoy’ section features 11 music tacks from Levi himself which you can listen to while you dine- lovely!

Reason to get it: There are 5 videos within the app- 1 features the ‘Reggae Reggae’ sauce song, and one teaches you how to smash open a coconut. Brilliant.

Food Processing Lite

We wouldn’t pay for it, but its fills a ten minute tube journey nicely. Basically, you have to chop up foods that pass on a conveyor belt in the right places to gain points, avoiding anything that’s rotten. It’s a casual gamer’s dream: race the clock to crack open nuts, slice sweet corn and pop peas. It’s pretty addictive and the better you get, the more foods you have to tackle and the faster the conveyor belt moves.  The music is pretty racy as well.

Reason to get it: It’s miles better than Cooking Mama.

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