Updated: Wednesday, 19th February 2020 @ 11:35am

Youngsters 'Reclaim' the streets

Youngsters 'Reclaim' the streets

By James Coldwell

Young people took to the streets of Manchester in a bid to ‘Reclaim’ their reputation on Sunday.

Volunteers got together in a bid to build bridges between young people and their critics following the unrest in the city and across the country in August.

Reclaim is celebrating its first anniversary as an independent charity.

It started as an outreach project from Urbis and aims to develop links between young people from highly pressurised communities and a network of supportive and caring adults.

Abi Robertson, 27, and Emma Horridge, 31, believe that the work the charity does is priceless and are both passionate about enhancing the image of young people and abolish the stereotypes that surround them.

“On the back of the civil unrest in August we felt that something had to be done to enhance the image of young people,” said Ms Horridge.

“This is a very positive response and all the volunteers have been fantastic,” added Ms Robertson.