Updated: Friday, 5th June 2020 @ 4:07pm

The Andy Gray Column: Manchester City's Chelsea comeback was 'stuff of champions'

The Andy Gray Column: Manchester City's Chelsea comeback was 'stuff of champions'

Sharethematch.com ambassador Andy Gray was talking exclusively to Mancunian Matters…

Manchester City’s comeback against Chelsea was the stuff of champions and Samir Nasri’s goal could end up being the one that hands City the title - it was that big.

Watching that game and, with City being a goal down, it looked as though they were running out of time and also out of belief and ideas.

They knew they had to win it and they were a goal down and on the verge of thinking we are not going to do this. It really was now or never for Roberto Mancini’s men.

But they forced a penalty and it was no surprise they went on to win the game as it lifted the whole place and you could sense the final result was going to go in their favour.

The big talking point was obviously Carlos Tevez – back with a bang but did we expect anything else? Not many would have found that ball that he did to set up the winner. Maybe Silva had he been on the pitch, maybe Nasri himself, but not that many.

Apart from scoring the winning goal, Tevez did everything else for City against Chelsea.

I guarantee you if that had been fed into Edin Dzeko then he would have been turning the other way and had a shot and probably had it blocked.

But as for the ball it demonstrated perfectly Tevez’s football brain. It was a lovely ball in and a beautiful little reverse to Nasri and a great finish.

And what it also showed is that Nasri has found some form and at an important time because I think David Silva has gone a bit flat.

Why would you take Silva off when you are chasing a goal? You wouldn’t have earlier in season so I think that proves that he has fallen off the pace a little bit.

It was a big call. Mario Balotelli came off at half-time and that again showed that Roberto Mancini is not afraid to make a decision when he has to.

It wasn’t a case of getting Balotelli off as he is useless. Mancini saw a problem and he had to be sacrificed – he is a fearless manager that is for sure.

But Nasri’s goal could be the most important goal of the season because in terms of mentality, Manchester City will feel like champions.

It is looking as though the Manchester derby could have a huge impact on where the title is going, and I hope for the fans that the game does have something riding on it.

That would be fantastic for everyone watching but I am not so sure it will decide it because they are a couple of big games afterwards that could well swing the title.

City have to go away to Newcastle and then their final game is again QPR, managed by Mark Hughes and he would like nothing more than to help United beat City to the title so that will be interesting.

I think United’s run-in is slightly easier but if City can continue to beat whoever is in front of them that will not make a difference.

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