Updated: Friday, 19th July 2019 @ 2:43pm

'It's a party not to miss': YouTube sensation Jack Maynard shares tour secrets in Q&A with MM

'It's a party not to miss': YouTube sensation Jack Maynard shares tour secrets in Q&A with MM

| By Anna Brocklehurst

YouTube sensation Jack Maynard is currently touring the UK – and just finished wowing audiences at Manchester’s Club Academy.

After venturing off into DJing – a world away from the pranks and challenges he films for his impressive 1.5 million-strong online audience – Jack and his brother Conor are performing as the duo “GOAT” live for the first time.

The shows promise to be full of fun and surprises every night, with secret special guests set to make an appearance.

MM caught up with Jack, 23 from Brighton, to find out everything we need to know about his Headlines tour and to get the scoop on any backstage exclusives.

First off, how does it feel to be setting off on your first headline tour?

It feels amazing, I’m so excited. We’ve been planning the tour for nearly eight months, so much work has gone into it. I can’t wait for everyone to see what we have been working on. It’s going to be a night to remember!

There has been lots of rumours surrounding who will be the special guests at each date, can you give us any hints?

My lips are sealed – you’ll have to come to the shows!

How was it holding live auditions to source your support acts?

The auditions were so fun. We decided to make it into something big so we could give some of the hidden talent out there a chance to be seen by a larger audience. I don’t think “The YouTube X Factor” has ever been done before, so it’s cool to create a new concept. All of the acts were so impressive, I couldn’t choose just one so we have four joining us on tour!

How does it feel that this will be yours and Conor’s first time performing live together as GOAT?

We can’t wait. It’ll be the first time GOAT have ever performed together live, and we have three songs that we can really get into on stage. GOAT is a whole new dynamic to me and Conor, so it’s fun to get into character.

GOAT’s songs and music videos are quite fun and quirky, will you be bringing that vibe to the stage?

Absolutely! GOAT is an act in its own right, so we’ll both bring the characters to life on stage. We had so much fun creating the videos, so we can recreate GOAT magic on stage!

What do you think will be the highlight of touring?

I can’t pin down one highlight, it’s all going to be awesome. I think performing at Shepherd’s Bush will blow my mind, as it’s double the capacity I have ever done before. All my special guests and supports are a massive highlight, and the tour bus of course!

What do you prefer, making YouTube videos or performing on stage?

I definitely get an adrenaline rush from performing on stage. With YouTube you can be more creative, I film whatever I want to film. Bringing the two together like we are with GOAT is the best mix. Our music videos will be coming to life on stage.

You’ve recently been seen supporting Joe Sugg on Strictly Come Dancing, do you think he can go all the way and win it?

100 per cent! He’s smashing it – so proud!! He deserves it, he is working so hard and improving each week.

We know the Buttercream Squad are very supportive of each other, so can we expect to see some of the squad members pop up at your shows?

Totally. We all support each other as much as we can. I’m sure they’ll appear at some point during the tour!

And for the people that haven’t bought tickets yet, why should they?

Because it’s a party not to miss! We have so many people joining us, the production is awesome and they’ll be a lot of surprises! You’ll get FOMO if you don’t attend!

*You can buy tickets to the remaining dates of Jack's tour HERE.