Updated: Friday, 5th June 2020 @ 4:07pm

'He's a big soft lump': Meet Reg, the dog who will melt your heart this Christmas

'He's a big soft lump': Meet Reg, the dog who will melt your heart this Christmas

By Matthew Naylor

As parents hopelessly rack their brains this Christmas and young couples spend the festive period wondering what they can do to make their better half’s day MM has the answer.

Introducing Reg!

With his smooth black coat, soulful eyes and fun-loving personality, Reg would make the perfect addition to any home this Christmas.

The energetic male cross breed, currently being looked after at the Rochdale Dog Rescue, is looking for a permanent home and is great around children.

“He just sits there gawping at me with his big funny face,” said Coryn Shields, of the Rescue centre.

“He’s a big soft lump who loves to play and give great kisses.”

The boisterous 3-year-old is fully house-trained, although the centre have advised that he be the only dog of the family as he doesn’t always get on with his own kind.

A great lover of playtime, Reg is just looking for a new home that can give him the attention and family he needs.

“He is a big lad but so delicate with his squeaky toys, it just makes your heart melt,” Coryn added

If you think Reg’s ‘big funny face’ could be your home’s best addition this Christmas, then contact Rochdale Dog Rescue on 07799 777442 or visit www.rochdale-dog-rescue.com

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