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Review: The Cribs @ The Ritz, Manchester

Review: The Cribs @ The Ritz, Manchester

| By Sian Broderick

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than a decade since them ‘three weirdo’s from Wakefield’ AKA The Cribs released their debut album.

Arguably the biggest cult band in the UK, brothers Gary, Ryan and Ross Jarman have racked up an army of die-hard fans over the years and after a two year hiatus the long-haired lads have returned to Manchester to play a sold-out gig at The Ritz.

The boys hit the road earlier this month to promote latest record For All My Sisters and have been packing out tiny venues up and down the country with their gritty punk rock sets filled with beer, sweat and chants.

One thing you can always be certain of at a Cribs gig is that the crowd are up for it and watching from the balcony it’s evident by the number of bodies being passed over the barrier before the band even arrive that tonight is no exception.

When they do though, the brothers swagger onto the stage to the sound of rapturous cheers, somehow still managing to look like scrawny teenage boys despite now all being in their thirties, and kick off a career spanning set with their 2005 hit Mirror Kisses.

“We’re the Cribs from Wakefield,” says Ryan dressed in eye-wateringly tight skinny jeans and a leather jacket.

“Are you guys ready to rock?”  

And with the very first chord the crowd erupts and warm pints of beer are sent flying through the air. 

Despite some sixth formers down the front it’s noticeable that the venue is packed out with old-school Cribs fans, dressed in band T-shirts, who are there to relive their student days and Red Stripe fuelled nights at 42’s.

The Jarman brothers then smash through their back catalogue with Come on, Be a No-One and You Were Always the One before pausing briefly to introduce the new material.

“We're gonna play some new ones now,” says Ryan, as the poor tech guy frantically stands up the microphone stand he’s punched to the floor several times already.

“But we’d prefer it if you pretended you knew them instead of just standing there.”

The lads then showcase tracks Burning for No One and Summer of Chances before reeling off more Noughties hits including crowed favourite Be Safe and Hey Scenesters! which provides the shout-along track of the night.

Now well in their stride, the lads are tearing through their set and Ryan has the crowd hanging on his every word.

“It’s The Brits tonight,” he says, to the sound of boo’s. “Aren’t you glad you’re not there?

“We’re up for biggest sell out and biggest load of pointless shit but as long as I win sexiest male I don’t give a flying fuck.”



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The crowed are then sent into one last frenzy with old-school tracks I’m a Realist and Mans Needs and an unofficial record breaking number of bodies are past over the front barrier as the sweaty gig draws to a close.

“Thanks for letting us go out with a bang,” says Ryan.

“Manchester will always be our second home,” quips twin brother Gary. “We’ll be back later in the year.”

The set is then brought to a close with 2009 hit City of Bugs and after more than six minutes of pure punk rock guitar riffs, lead singer Gary and little brother Ross exit the stage, leaving Ryan to smash up his guitar in true Cribs style.