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Gig review: Marina and the Diamonds @ Manchester Cathedral, Manchester – June 22

Gig review: Marina and the Diamonds @ Manchester Cathedral, Manchester – June 22

By Mihaela Ivantcheva

Did you paint a small heart on your left cheek? Marina fans certainly did to welcome their favourite singer-songwriter back to Manchester.

Neither rain nor wind could put off the hundreds of fans frantically waiting to embrace the return of Marina and the Diamonds on Friday at Manchester Cathedral.

Presenting her second and latest album Electra Heart, the Welsh-Greek diva enjoyed a sold-out night in Manchester.

Much awaited after two hours of preparations and a supporting act, Marina’s appearance on the dimmed stage of Manchester Cathedral sent waves of screams, powerfully repeated by the acoustics of the place.

Entering the stage in a shiny pink Barbie dress with blond curls and greeting her fans with ‘I’m Marina. You are the diamonds.’, the pop Primadonna cheered up the audience with headliners like Fear and Loathing, Power & Control, The State of Dreaming and Bubblegum Bitch.

There was certainly something apocalyptic, with ‘elements of a Greek tragic’, in her bold and ruthless album thought to be a dream gone wrong.

The visuals played a central part in her performance. A shrill pink electric heart, a TV set out of the 70s and a sheer nightgown combined with Marina’s emotional and artistic appearance on the stage reflected the idea of the album – a parody of the painfully familiar American dream of fame, beauty and money.

Obsessed and inspired by the glamour of the American dream and the illusion that it creates, the ‘Anti-Adele’ singer took on a new route in this second album. The lyrics of the songs reflected disillusionment and broken dreams and, as Marina herself put it, they draw the image of a ruthless invulnerable character.

When elaborating on the concept behind Elecra Heart, Marina had said: “Electra Heart is the antithesis of everything that I stand for. And the point of introducing her and building a whole concept around her is that she stands for the corrupt side of American ideology, and basically that’s the corruption of yourself.

“My worst fear – that’s anyone’s worst fear – is losing myself and becoming a vacuous person. And that happens a lot when you’re very ambitious.”

One of the ‘diamantis’ of the night was her heartfelt performance of the ballad Lies that saw a forest hands rhythmically waving to the cords of the song. Another diamond was Primadonna sung jointly by Marina and her fans.

Presenting all 12 songs of the album, which topped the UK, Irish and Scottish Album Charts after its release in 27 April 2012, the Welsh-Greek singer-songwriter electrified Manchester Cathedral and her short but emotional performance left the fans wanting for more.

Marina and The Diamonds’ next appearance is on October 6 at Manchester Academy.

You can watch Power and Control from the album Electra Heart here.

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