Updated: Tuesday, 23rd October 2018 @ 5:08pm

LGBT charity gears up for a masquerade ball in Manchester

LGBT charity gears up for a masquerade ball in Manchester

By Nick Rawcliffe

The glitz and glamour of a Venetian masquerade ball is coming to Manchester next month, in aid of an LGBT charity.

The Albert Kennedy Trust, which supports gay, lesbian, bixsexual and transgender young people across the city, has organised a Masquerade Ball at the MacDonald Hotel on 7 October.

The AKT help find accepting, supportive and caring homes by providing a service to cater for each individuals needs.

The service is already supporting over 80 people across the Manchester area and the fund raising event will go a long way to helping each individual.

AKT’s Fundraising and Communication Officer Darren Batey said: “The money raised goes into our central pot which then gets spread across our services.

“Most of the money goes into providing accommodation and mentoring costs for the young people we help.”

Mr Batey is keen to express was that of the need for carers to help with support for the young people that have been affected.

“We always need carers for Manchester. We are looking to increase our number of carers to help with the support of young people,” he said.

With Manchester compromising already of a sizeable gay community, there has already been a lot of support from the LGBT.

Mr Batey said: “LGBT community in Manchester has been great, they have really helped in raising the awareness for the Albert Kennedy Trust.”

There are still 100 tickets available for the event and tickets cost £25 and can be bought from the Albert Kennedy Trust website www.akt.org.uk.