Updated: Saturday, 20th October 2018 @ 4:55pm

Stagecoach identify Manchester as one of cities to benefit from £60million investment and 'greener' buses

Stagecoach identify Manchester as one of cities to benefit from £60million investment and 'greener' buses

By Darren Heath

Stagecoach have confirmed that Manchester is one of the cities soon to be benefitting from the £60million investment planned for this year.  

The investment will see new environmentally friendly buses introduced to the Stockport and Ashton routes to the city, which are expected to be running by spring. 

As part of this investment, there will be six Enviro 200 single-deckers, costing £750,000, to serve the 325 route in Brinnington; and 20 new Alexander 400 Enviro Hybrid double-deckers, which will serve the 197 route between Stockport and Manchester and the 219 route between Ashton and Manchester.

These ‘greener’ vehicles will be supplemented in the following year by new investment, which includes money from the Government Green Bus Fund, through which Stagecoach have announced their continued commitment to environmental concerns, aiming to build more vehicles to meet European emissions standards.

The 2012/13 investment will see Stagecoach spend £60million nationally on nearly 400 vehicles, which will produce 30% less carbon emissions than their standard buses.  

UK bus managing director Les Warneford said: "This latest multi-million pound investment is part of our commitment to give local communities high quality, good value bus travel.”

The majority of this new fleet will be built by Alexander Dennis and its coach building subsidiary Plaxton, based in Falkirk, Guildford and Scarborough, however, 24 will be built by Volvo, Optare, Wrightbus and Van Hool. 

Overall the fleet will consist of 95 double-deckers, 87 single-deckers, 141 midi-buses, 11 mini-buses, 37 coaches and 19 hybrid buses. 

Stagecoach Manchester were unable to give the exact figure that will be invested in the region, although details are expected soon.

A spokesperson said: “We can confirm that we will be investing in new buses for 2012/13 for Manchester and that more details will be available later in the year.”

Stagecoach have invested £370million in new vehicles in the last five years, with over £42million of that invested in Manchester, bringing over 250 buses to the area since September 2007.