Updated: Monday, 10th August 2020 @ 12:42pm

'Leaked' National Trust ad or spoof? Greater Manchester green places expect visitor surge as video goes viral

'Leaked' National Trust ad or spoof? Greater Manchester green places expect visitor surge as video goes viral

| By MM staff

Embarrassing leaked video or crafty PR stunt? Or maybe just an outright spoof?

Whatever it is, Manchester’s historic National Trust properties may enjoy a sudden boost in visitor numbers thanks to an online viral video.

National Trust ads are normally atmospheric, picturesque and steeped in history, with gentle music on in the background. But this ‘leaked’ ad couldn’t be further from this stereotype.

Urging you to ditch jetsetting abroad (while implying you’ll be tasered at the airport) in favour of visiting historic homes and beautiful parks, the video appears to have tongue firmly in cheek.

The video claims ‘you need to get out more’ and boasts about the UK’s forests, beaches, rocks and… natural selection (of all things) – using a series of increasingly-bizarre images.

By that we mean The Rock of wrestling fame and Joey from Friends.

You’ll have to watch it yourself to figure out how discussing rocks and sand makes a perfect segue way into The Police’s Roxanne.

Unfortunately, the National Trust have said the video is not theirs.

“It made us chuckle too,” they tweeted. “Did it make you want to explore our impressive rocks? We hope so, but we can't take credit for the ad!”

Regardless of its authenticity, social media users haven’t been able to get enough of the video, which has already built up 45,000 YouTube hits over the last few hours.

Rich Leigh, a PR company founder, said: “'Leaked' @nationaltrust ad - spoof student campaign or change of brand direction?”

Dad John Filmer from Blackpool said: “Leaked National Trust ad is H-ilarious! Probs isn't actually their ad, but it should be!”

Design and marketing company KOKO Communications said: “This fake National Trust ad has gained alot of attention. Is it proof that charities should change tactics?”

We predict a surge in visitors at Greater Manchester's National Trust spots, which include Tatton Park, Dunham Massey Hall and Quarry Bank Mill. 

Watch the video here:

Image courtesy of Frank Close, via YouTube, with thanks.