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No ‘fixing’ this economy – revolution is the answer, says Communist Manchester by-election contender

No ‘fixing’ this economy – revolution is the answer, says Communist Manchester by-election contender

By John Paul Shammas

Now is the time to say ‘enough’ to the grinding impact of the financial crisis on working people, The Communist League’s Manchester Central by-election contender has told MM.

Peter Clifford, a 57-year-old factory worker, has been running a radical yet modest campaign ahead of the November’s crucial by-election, however he’s about to widen his appeal.

Tomorrow night, Mr Clifford will host US Presidential candidate James Harris of the Socialist Workers party at Hilton House, while the Labour Party conference kicks off just across town.

Speaking exclusively to MM ahead of the event, he said: “Malcolm X once described the difference between the Democrats and Republicans as being a choice between a fox and a wolf. I think the same could be said of Labour, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

“Besides, the decisive power rests and is driven by the owners of capital, not Parliament here or Congress in the US.”

The timing of the event is poignant, as Labour candidates, delegates and all manner of the party’s big-wigs descend upon Manchester this weekend as their annual conference is staged in the heart of Manchester.

Mr Clifford will be competing this November against Ed Miliband’s former chief of staff, Lucy Powell, who will be the odds-on favourite to win.

Labour’s overwhelming council election victory earlier this year portrays the electorate’s current desire to repel the coalition governments deep cuts, however Mr Clifford doesn’t feel that Labour can deliver the change that is needed.

He said: “Lucy Powell will claim that Labour has the answer for fixing the economy. But it can’t be stimulated or prodded by any government policy, Labour or the Conservatives.

“The problem is rooted in a historic crisis of capitalist production and trade. For this, none of the parties have a solution or plan except to make working people pay.”

Instead, Mr Clifford proposes a much more radical solution.

"My campaign presents a totally different course for working people: to break with looking to the parties that protect the rule of capital and instead look to our capacity to overthrow it through revolutionary struggle," he said.

The Manchester Central seat will be vacated by Tony Lloyd, who has served the constituency since 1997, as he is now competing in Manchester’s first Police and Crime Commissioner election, also to be held in November.

Mr Clifford’s joint event with US Presidential candidate James Harris begins tomorrow, September 29 at 6.00pm at Hilton House, 26-28 Hilton Street, M1 2EH.

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