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MM's top five... Manchester city centre Sunday brunches

MM's top five... Manchester city centre Sunday brunches

By Chris Higgins

Whether it's before a busy day out shopping, or just while you nurse your hangover, MM's guide to the top five places around the city to find a Sunday brunch are guarenteed to put a smile on your face.

Now wipe that ketchup off your chin.

5. Koffee Pot, Stevenson Square, NQ

First up in our rundown is the Northern Quarter’s famous Koffee Pot, boasting an impressive list of musician clientele including Elbow’s Guy Garvey.

The cafe offers a greasy spoon menu with alternatives such as Haddock rarebit and Haggis, with great budget prices (£2 for a bacon butty). The street art murals reflect the lively atmosphere with a Radio 6 soundtrack nestled in between red pleather diner-style booths.

4. Teacup, Thomas Street, NQ

If you’re fond of the finer side of brunch then you’re sure to enjoy this offering. Co-owned by Mancunian DJ Mr Scruff, teacup takes his legendary love of tea to new heights vending every type imaginable (including several of Scruff’s own blends).

Alongside the elaborate teas – which are very helpfully explained to non-aficionados by the staff – are a plethora of eggy dishes, all equally delicious. But at the risk of picking out a ‘more equal’ dish, the Eggs Florentine is fantastic.

3. Cornerhouse, Oxford Road, City Centre

Stepping outside the bohemian Northern Quarter for a moment, there are plenty of Sunday morning gems to be found, among which Cornerhouse stands out.

The quiet, relaxed atmosphere is perfect for a Sunday paper, as well as a favourite among the city’s creatives who gather for book clubs, design meetings and art discussions. The book store is also a winning combination, and for afters why not catch a film at the adjacent cinema?

2. Simple, Tib Street, NQ

Heading back into the side streets of the NQ we find Simple on Tib Street. This restaurant serves up food for any occasion, but the brunch menu really excels.

Offering British favourites, like Full English and Omelettes, to American treats like Lucky Charms and Pancakes. The cosy lounge interiors and great comfort food are great for those rainy Sundays (which, being in Manchester, is most of them).

1. The Alchemist, Hardman St, Spinningfields

But presiding over the rest – with only a faint sense of self-satisfied smuggery – is The Alchemist. By night, a fancy cocktail bar serving the finest drinks in the city, but by day much more than just a mild-mannered eatery.

For a start, there’s still cocktails! The brunch cocktail is maybe an unorthodox choice for some, but one taste of a ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ is enough to convert most. The food menu is a nice mix of British mainstays and our American cousins’, and if it’s getting a bit late to still warrant the name brunch, the sandwiches are top-notch too.

Definitely worth a try or three.

Koffee Pot picture courtesy of Heather Cowper.

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